The Strange Room
The Strange Room
The Strange Room. Member reactions:
Great art work...should have one room like this in our homes

Funny Bart Has A Strange Head

Bart Has A Strange Head
Member reactions:
Yep, I would hide my head like a turtle too.
the parents photos and the turtle boxer shorts. Congrats on the wood too.
And the wood too. congrats again, Hobbit.
Super good work Hobbit, congrats on the Wood as well.

Funny Joker Alien Doll in Strange Antique Store

Joker Alien Doll in Strange Antique Store
Member reactions:
Hahahahaha grim... Fine composition there lass...
Thanks Swash,lucianomorelli,and Hit 😃
You know how to make yours in dark themes, Debbie

Funny Strange Obama in High Heels

Strange Obama in High Heels
Would he be as Gay as me.

Funny Strange Soccer Players

Strange Soccer Players
Member reactions:
Makes me think of Aerosmith song "Dude looks like a lady"

Funny Strange Zombies

Strange Zombies
Member reactions:
Good one. I'd like polyphemus body a bit more sharpened like his face

Funny Strange Yoda

Strange Yoda

Funny Strange US President Caricatures

Strange US President Caricatures
Member reactions:
Great build. Hugely nice selections of colors and supporting elements. Congrats on the cup.
1ST Class bobble-headed caricatures Elegary....Congratulations. one great finish against very tough competition.

Funny Mountain Man's Strange Zoo

Mountain Man's Strange Zoo
Fishbelly White is the coolest name for a band I ever heard. They are also incredible.
Member reactions:
Thank you Hobbit. Hitspinner likes it too
This is superb Great Collection of the sources..
Thank you Eric, Geriatric, Balodiya, NewsMaster and Luciano. The symbol on the chest it two fire axes and a flaming skull on fire retardant, gold spandex. The latest in near nood firefighting
The coolest chop... the fish in the air is amazing good chop and well illuminated
If this is what FireFighter's suits have come to boy am I glad I retired.
Gummy, indeed. Thanks Evirio, I am far from Santa, and TY Rajesh.
sooo thats where you live congrats Hits..
Pree... close actually. Thanks Bob, Pree, Doc, PJ and Evirio. Yeah it was a selfie and funny how it came about. I was working on my camera which was taking terrible blue tinted photos. I finally got the camera to roll back to default and took a picture. It looked pretty good, a vast improvement but being a chopper, I started in on it trying to make it better. And fro some tinkering evolved this It was a doodle gone crazy

Funny Strange Country Living

Strange Country Living
Member reactions:
What NM says. In my opinion you should give lightning to the black horse, and I'm not sure of what the boy in the midlle is doing.

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