Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider)
Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider)
Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider). Member reactions:
This is like Alice in Wonderland, Cage style, .
Like the prism illuminating the whole chop and the crazy dog and a baby boy wanted to ride that New Jersey Bike
If there's any movie star out there who fits right into a fantasy environment that you created here, Nicolas Cage definitely fits the bill. Great chop. Very imaginative.
Man on fire on Bday bash, full-on action a little Cage with Ghost bike. Lots of work and yeh its real wild
Ahhh you have discovered the sublime wackiness of the senseless chop. Magnificent... You just earned your brown belt Cool chop and well put together

Funny Strange Days

Strange Days
Member reactions:
Incredible artistic imaginary great to see a small bio diversity with an unique specious living together

Funny Never take candy from a stranger

Never take candy from a stranger
Member reactions:

Funny Wow very strange test !!!

Wow very strange test !!!
Member reactions:
Thank you, Balodya. Thank you Hitspinner.

Funny Trying To Catch A Strange Creature

Trying To Catch A Strange Creature
Member reactions:
A rare pic of Human Fish creature which proves our existence from fish
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...I believe it's found in the Borscht Sea in Siberia.
the sea name. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
HA. Yes, it always has "Red Tide." Thanks, Newsy.

Funny The Strange Obama's at Home

The Strange Obama's at Home
Member reactions:
Awesome freaky and scary expression given by Obama... the crazy eyes and cheeks were more scary and Michale is trying to copy the President Good caricature done on this Like it
, you old fart, you smoked me That characterizing is fun, huh.

Funny Strange Man Wearing a Dog

Strange Man Wearing a Dog
Animal hair in the morning
Member reactions:
That looks like my Shih Tzu On his head,,nice job
I won't comment andwhat, that door is too wide open . So, our fearless leader gets a toupe, eh. Really funny
Great freaky touch given to your chop... The Hair blended with Cat face is really awesome
, I should consider getting this haircut.
Surprised me, I thought this one was a contender.

Funny Strange Traffic Accident

Strange Traffic Accident

Funny Strange Golf Course

Strange Golf Course
The dog made me hook it into the trees

Funny Strange Morgan Freeman Caricature

Strange Morgan Freeman Caricature
Member reactions:
This is really funniest face of him I have ever expected Like Egg

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