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Funny Strange Pictures

Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider)Funny Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider)
Member reactions:

This is like Alice in Wonderland, Cage style, .
Like the prism illuminating the whole chop and the crazy dog and a baby boy wanted to ride that New Jersey Bike
If there's any movie star out there who fits right into a fantasy environment that you created here, Nicolas Cage definitely fits the bill. Great chop. Very imaginative.
Man on fire on Bday bash, full-on action a little Cage with Ghost bike. Lots of work and yeh its real wild
Ahhh you have discovered the sublime wackiness of the senseless chop. Magnificent... You just earned your brown belt Cool chop and well put together

Strange DaysFunny Strange Days
Member reactions:

Incredible artistic imaginary great to see a small bio diversity with an unique specious living together

Never take candy from a strangerFunny Never take candy from a stranger
Member reactions:

Wow very strange test !!!Funny Wow very strange test !!!
Member reactions:

Thank you, Balodya. Thank you Hitspinner.

Trying To Catch A Strange CreatureFunny Trying To Catch A Strange Creature
Member reactions:

A rare pic of Human Fish creature which proves our existence from fish
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...I believe it's found in the Borscht Sea in Siberia.
the sea name. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
HA. Yes, it always has "Red Tide." Thanks, Newsy.

Strange BoyFunny Strange Boy
Member reactions:

Strange Boy
.. Terrific effect. I liked it All the best

Red Headed StrangerFunny Red Headed Stranger
Member reactions:

WILLIE NELSON / Caricature Portrait HI-RES IS BEST
Nice chop. Willie needs Visine "Don't it make my brown eyes" red.
hahaha, well done....wish my eye's were the same...
Great caricature good lighting effects and clean job done
Pass it now plz...lets make a circle of your stuff sharing is the brotherhood m I high..
congratulations to you my friend even if you did not win, your caricature was fantastic and really deserved a prize hihihihi
Awesome work....Billy. I thought for sure it would have been a winner....TOP JOB, my friend.
Many thanks to everyone. Congrats to all.

Will Smith with Strange HandsFunny Will Smith with Strange Hands
Member reactions:

Awesome work, but why the blurriness at the bottom.
Excellent, nice way to blend both the hands, one is smaller and other is bigger, great chop seen very well done
Thank you.. It's my first time with two places in the podium.

Strange Sea Monster and Hand BirdFunny Strange Sea Monster and Hand Bird
Member reactions:

Fantastic work, wonderful use of source like your creativity Hidden.
Multiple hands with sharp fingers, Awesome job, like the horns and specially the tube on the head emitting smoke is superb creativity. Well done
The Direction which will confuse you Awesome Concept. and great job done
The things u can "pull" out of a source pic still amaze me.
Twisted mind = great creativity. Silver, congrats, Marco.
Creative work, love your style. Silver congrats Mark.
a surreal fantastic work, a surreal fantastic silver.... many surreal congrats

Strange Animal Without a HeadFunny Strange Animal Without a Head
Member reactions:

Good mirroring done, on ground at to join of mirror need some work then its perfect. Good IDEA
Great co-joining, nice freaky turn of the kid's head

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