Strange bedfellows
Strange bedfellows
Strange bedfellows. Member reactions:
Funny an Perfectly blended to the painting.

Funny Strange Paintings

Strange Paintings

Funny Strange Chimp in the Jungle.

Strange Chimp in the Jungle.
Member reactions:
And the eyes have it. Love this one. Woody Congrats, Hobbit.
Twofer... You got the anatomy right. This contest seemed like one that required some artistic challenge to work out what sort of anatomy one of these creatures would actually have. You did good. Congrats, Hobbit.

Funny Strange mutations in Space

Strange mutations in Space

Funny Strange Artifacts

Strange Artifacts

Funny Strange guy

Strange guy

Funny Strange Occurrance at Bowling Green

Strange Occurrance at Bowling Green
Member reactions:
Great job with all the different angles of bull. Detour an awesome kicker
I see the shuttle coming in for a landing in the background. Nice touch.
Gold congrats. There are a lot of nice details in this.
Congrats on the Gold Win, Vic. One Wonderful Compilation of Bull. I couldn't resist...
Grats on a well deserved win, it's an excellent piece.

Funny Strange Elegance Model

Strange Elegance Model

Funny Boy Driving an Imagination Lander on a Strange Planet

Boy Driving an Imagination Lander on a Strange Planet
Stay young, have a great holiday and be charitable with your votes
Member reactions:
Gold 201 Congrats, Master Hitspinner. Amazing work here.
Ahhhhhh, belly full, all is good. Thank you Andrew, Luciano, Balodiya, PSM, Crafty, Hobbit, Old School, and Andwhat. I hope ypu all had a great day.
Gold congrats Hitspinner,This was a for me,absolutely amazing piece of art work
Thank you AW. Sometimes we get lucky and they come together as planned
"as planed". You mean we're suppose to have a plan.
Yes, until they change because we didn't stick to the plan. Then it becomes sawdust soup

Funny Strange Person at the Carnival

Strange Person at the Carnival
Member reactions:
Ha. She's so Purdy. Rock'n Freaky, Hidden.
Good to see this Trophy, Debbie. Laughing my ass off at that girl. Congrats.
Thanks Gummy,Crafty,Nanny,Lucianomorelli.Thanks SplatShot,it always feels so good to get on the podium
Congratulations on the Wood, a well put together build andwhat.
Brilliantly goofy hahahahahaha Woody congrats, Andwhat. I just love carney chops
Creepy is soo good .. congratss andwhat...
Very cute chop, I enjoyed it. Congrats on the win.
Congrats on the wood, Debbie. Freaky carnival for sure.

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