Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange. Member reactions:
Unique, quality work in the spirit of the contest.
Congrats on 5th, good pic and he's No Longer Strange, he's Santa.
Top5grats, Hits. Great transformation of the Doctor.

Funny Strange

Member reactions:
Strange indeed, from the mind of the master, Hitspinner.
Thanks, Reg and Bellita. This face was built over a face that has zero resemblance now. I added the teeth from a female I didn quit get the time to finish it but there is enough there to enter

Funny Strange Afternoon

Strange Afternoon
Member reactions:
THX hobbit ..
Hi Crafty, Its a strange tree,I wanted it to look like surreal
Congrats on the Bronze and another great surreal piece.
Thank You so much Gummy,hobbit,Reggie,PShaveyouseenthis,SpatShot and Tim ................

Funny Strange bedfellows

Strange bedfellows
Member reactions:
Funny an Perfectly blended to the painting.

Funny Strange Paintings

Strange Paintings

Funny Strange Chimp in the Jungle.

Strange Chimp in the Jungle.
Member reactions:
And the eyes have it. Love this one. Woody Congrats, Hobbit.
Twofer... You got the anatomy right. This contest seemed like one that required some artistic challenge to work out what sort of anatomy one of these creatures would actually have. You did good. Congrats, Hobbit.

Funny Strange mutations in Space

Strange mutations in Space

Funny Strange Artifacts

Strange Artifacts

Funny Strange guy

Strange guy

Funny Strange Occurrance at Bowling Green

Strange Occurrance at Bowling Green
Member reactions:
Great job with all the different angles of bull. Detour an awesome kicker
I see the shuttle coming in for a landing in the background. Nice touch.
Gold congrats. There are a lot of nice details in this.
Congrats on the Gold Win, Vic. One Wonderful Compilation of Bull. I couldn't resist...
Grats on a well deserved win, it's an excellent piece.

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