Stonehenge Made of Stoves
Stonehenge Made of Stoves
Stonehenge Made of Stoves. Member reactions:
All the old gadgets collected together and created Stonehenge... good job done
Brilliant concept, grats on the double crown Mr. P.
Thanks, jeremix...thanks, D-Man...thanks, rajeshstar...thanks, eric...thanks, G-Man and thanks, Mr. Funky. I appreciate it, people.
Congrats on the gold and the Silver. (Your winnings here should be enough to buy a piece of this wonder - ha.)
Clever and hysterical (historical). Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Thanks, jeremix. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy.

Funny Television Stove Advert

Television Stove Advert
Member reactions:
Cool chop, but there's too much different fonts used there (in my humble opinion, of course).
thanks mate, I actually matched the original fonts, they were already a bit haphazard .
At least, the font used for 'flat screen' is a new one (compare the 'r' with the one in 'range' for instance). Minor detail, of course, but I'm probably more sensitive than others on this matter as I worked in a newspaper for 6 years in the past. Still a cool chop anyway, and I've seen a lot worse than this in certain entries submitted here.
Lol I see it, spent an age searching for the old font match, they must change the letters slightly on the modern ver, damn them for slovenly work . cheers Paul
awesome chop from an awesome chopper, congrats john
Thanks everyone, 3rd AND 4th I am very VERY happy
Congratulations, John. You submitted several pretty good entries in this contest.
Congrats john......... This contest looked like something you would enjoy and I can tell you did.
Indeedidoo, my kind of fun . thanks Doxione
that was nice work jhonx congrats one the bronze here

Funny Wood Stove Trumpet Barrel

Wood Stove Trumpet Barrel
cold anyone.
Member reactions:
Novel idea, I wonder how long it would last.
Excellent work. Love the words on the wall
My favorite in the contest. Congratulations on the bronze, and a big welcome to FN.

Funny Genie in a Teapot on the Stove

Genie in a Teapot on the Stove
Member reactions:
Thanks zorro.
Nice image. I would have shown the top of her head, tho.
This looks really professional, except for the top smoke part. See how delicately you blended the smoke and girl where fumes are just coming out of the kettle. Try to blend similarly at the top part.

Funny Kitchen Cutlery Hung Near a Stove

Kitchen Cutlery Hung Near a Stove

Funny Stove and Urinal Hybrid

Stove and Urinal Hybrid
Westinghouse's latest range, designed for single men who will probably stay single.
Member reactions:
This would be more accurate if the men actually cooked =P
, I see a lot of ER trips due to kitchen accidents with this thing around.

Funny Stove with a TV Screen

Stove with a TV Screen
Lets face it, theres not much better on TV nowadays.

Funny Money Cooking in a Frypan on the Stove

Money Cooking in a Frypan on the Stove
Member reactions:
well try to cook the currency instead of vegetables

Funny Boombox Stove

Boombox Stove
A CD/Casset player complete with stove top, drink holder, and cigarette lighter.

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