Rembrandt Sea Storm
Rembrandt Sea Storm
Rembrandt Sea Storm.

Funny Storm Trooper and Darth Vader in Mayberry

Storm Trooper and Darth Vader in Mayberry
Member reactions:
Andy's chin is still visible. May need to clone it away.
Thank you Lucianomorelli. I don't have the luxury of Photo Shop. All I have it is Jasc Paint Shop pro 8 a 20 dollar program that's over 20 years old but I enjoy this site a lot

Funny Rosie O Takes Sumo World By Storm

Rosie O Takes Sumo World By Storm
Everything is Rosie, or at least down Japonais Way anyhow - since Rosie has become a contender at Nippon's number one sport - Sumo Wrestling. "Rosie's a natural at this." says Master Sunjahara Sushibar - Four-time Sumo World Champion
Member reactions:
It was a wrong entry in another contest, if I remember well.
It was disqualified from an earlier contest since Rosie is not wearing a bra. Henry Kissinger pressured FN to reconsider. In exchange for billions in foreign aid, they did. Kidding.

Funny The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm
Some days everything just aligns against you.
Member reactions:
Judging from everything else, the shadow from the tail should be on the other side.
well done.. If the bad luck comes it can bring storm inside the washroom as well
Cool how you gathered them together. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny The Snow Storm

The Snow Storm
Original is Pierre-August Cot's THE STORM
Member reactions:
Masking and merging painting sources with photo sources is a challenging task, but you brought them nicely to harmony.
Intense and talented result, Icy. Congratz on winning the Bronze.

Funny Jesus Surfing in the Prefect Storm by Rembrandt

Jesus Surfing in the Prefect Storm by Rembrandt

Funny The Storm Crow Roost

The Storm Crow Roost
FN logo covers her nest. Click unresized to see her eggs. Model: Jenna Kellen Model Photographer: Marcus Ranum
Member reactions:
Nicely done ... I like the tone and the lighting ... that's quite the balancing act.
Thanx Gummy. He probably will. Thanx QMS. I think that boa constrictor maybe giving her little bit of incentive to stay fixed upon her perch. Thanx 420. strange is good. Freak Show
This is awesome, but I ain't parking my car next to this bird.
. Thanks Newsmater... Hope you like it after the stamped FN logo over her nest and eggs. grrrrrr
Thanks very much Elegary. many textures here. Thanks Joan... I think the Boa brings in a lot of the drama. Took me a lot of searching to find a straight snake that I could manipulate over that limb.
Hey I knew that snake when he didn't have a pit to hiss in.
Amazing chop,good collaborator the mask and back feather.....
Impressive and anguishing. Something is happening but we don't know what it is.
Thanks, Sulli, Gummy, Eric and Balo. Thanks, Lu. I understand. Possibly just leaves a bit to the imagination.
Congrats on the silver, Splat. Like the revisions too.
Thanks Everyone. I wasn't sure about mixing theses textures to build the background. Turned out well I'd say. Thanks to you guy/gals..Thanks.
It is a beauty. You merged two centuries of photography with this. It looks like a Daguerreotype, hand colored. Congrats on the silver. Beautiful artwork
Thanks again Everyone. This was a fun contest. Always Lurking Thanx Jeremix.

Funny Kangaroos on the Road in a Storm

Kangaroos on the Road in a Storm
Member reactions:
Some shadowing under their feet would have blended into the scene better.
It's called "stopping for a snack on the road"

Funny Woman in Snow Storm Digital Art

Woman in Snow Storm Digital Art
I love the styles of art deco so I chose to do this art using a photograph of a woman in art deco style clothing. I just added the snow as an after thought. digital art
Member reactions:
Nice. This one is somewhere between art nouveau and Deco. Pretty

Funny Miley Cyrus Fears The Storm

Miley Cyrus Fears The Storm
'I just wanna have fun.' Miley Cyrus tells Britney Spears she wanted VMAs to be 'memorable' in new MTV documentary

Funny Woman in Storm

Woman in Storm
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of a woman in storm (image credit: JoIllya Kondratyuk) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the woman in storm perform some stunts, designing a poster with this woman in storm image, using vintage bike image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Midwest Snow Storm

Midwest Snow Storm
[ Utility crews worked overtime Saturday and Sunday to restore electrical service to thousands of customers still blacked out by the Midwest's first big snowstorm of the season. ] Somewhere I've read that a snowstorm is God's way of saying "take some days off". I can understand that. But when this snowstorm knocks out power and turns off lights, is it God's way of saying "take some days off and love thy spouse"? In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to a recent Midwest snowstorm and power problems. E.g. feel free to create advertisements for any Midwest businesses / services that adjust to snowstorm and power problems.

Funny Florida Storm

Florida Storm
Show images of how life in Florida may change with Alberto storm watch or during Alberto storm.

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