War Of The Worlds, Stonehenge, 1894
War Of The Worlds, Stonehenge, 1894
War Of The Worlds, Stonehenge, 1894. Inspired by news that The War Of The Worlds was being made into a Victorian Era series for FOX and the BBC. Which is the era the story was written for, yet many movies show a present day setting.
Member reactions:
Fantastic job on Stonehenge aliens and soldiers. Love the fire lighting and shadows.
Super Concept, Vincent. Congrats on a wonderful image.
Thanks Splat and Hits 👍🏼

Funny Stonehenge Eruption

Stonehenge Eruption
Member reactions:
Great color, contrast and rainbow a nice touch.


Member reactions:
Thanks so much Andrew, Gummy, Luciano, FM, Almighty and Robin.
Thank you Armatien, Vicspa, Manosart, Bob and DD.
You did a swell job on this one, congrats on your win.

Funny Ancients Protecting Stonehenge Underwater

Ancients Protecting Stonehenge Underwater

Funny Stonehenge Abstract Painting

Stonehenge Abstract Painting
Member reactions:
Dice shaped stones are very well known, very well done
Pretty good but I don't understand the ufo presence.
Excellent work on its own, but it does not use a famous painting. There are several Stonehenge paintings but they are mostly modern, not so famous, and do not have a UFO in them. Still a great abstraction though

Funny A Hole in the Moon Over Stonehenge

A Hole in the Moon Over Stonehenge
this is a reoccurring dream I have
Member reactions:
I would recommend to show some broken parts of moon to give it a feeling of broken moon
Super. Chopping a dream has to be pretty Kewl..
Whoh ho ho Renegade. You are stepping out into the nether reaches of the Twilight Zone Nice one mate... More.

Funny Stonehenge Summer Solstice

Stonehenge Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice
Member reactions:
Dunno if the sun placing was intentional, kinda reminds me something

Funny Stonehenge Hinges

Stonehenge Hinges
What is a "henge" anyway.
Member reactions:
clever and well done. especially the shadows.
Love the choice of this World Wonder and what you created with it.. My favorite of the contest. Big Bronze Congratulations Icy..

Funny Stonehenge Peace Sign

Stonehenge Peace Sign
Member reactions:
Excellent idea. Wish the central pieces were not blurry though, to match the rest of the image

Funny Phone Henge Stonehenge

Phone Henge Stonehenge
Stonehenge - Phonehenge
Member reactions:
Thank you, IcyAllEyeCan. Thank you, Paul.♠
Natural play on words hahahahaha I should have thought of this one . Great job
Clever pun, clever chop. Congrats on the wood, Wanderer.

Funny Stonehenge

Photoshop this Stonehenge (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include reconstructing Stonehenge; merging it with some with some objects or animals; placing Stonehenge into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Stonehenge

We hear more about the constructors of ancient rock structure Stonehenge. Turns out strong prehistoric women made Stonenenge as a gift to their men. This is the first proof that prehistoric women gave their men rock solid erections. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Stonehenge any way you wish. Examples may include decorating it, adding more construction to it, or moving this rock site to another place (landmark, painting, planet, etc.).

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