Abe Lincoln on Rolling Stone Magazine
Abe Lincoln on Rolling Stone Magazine
Abe Lincoln on Rolling Stone Magazine. In the early 1980's there was a lot of renewed interest and new fascination with Jim Morrison and suddenly he was hot (popular) again even though he was dead. This prompted Rolling Stone Magazine to release This Cover . Since Lincoln seems to be sharing a similar renewed interest these days, I thought this might be funny BEST VIEW
Member reactions:
His lips got attraction . Nice work.
This is a different image than the one I voted on a while ago. what happened.
Thanks eric. JannaR smoke & mirrors seriously though: sorry, it seemed like a better way to go, so I edited the entry after the first few votes.
Gold congrats, Billy Mac. Hysterical copy on the cover. "Lincoln Log." .
I was wondering about the change as well. Nice change. The other needed work.GooGoodwork
Many Thanks to All for your votes and wonderful words.

Funny The Stone Cowboy

The Stone Cowboy
Made with the source pic only, I hope you like it...
Member reactions:
Mind blowing chop.... great work using only with the source pic... I love to see those two guns attached to the pic its really freaky wonderful work done
Great architectural and creative artist here fantastic pose Love it :-*
Fantastic work with the source, Mark. Congrats on a well deserved gold.

Funny Kirsten Dunst Stoned with Spiderman

Kirsten Dunst Stoned with Spiderman
We are on top of a skyscraper: Kirsten smokes his joint, in peace, and spiderman. There the guard dog, or better SpiderSitter.
Member reactions:
Great caricature done on the face good job with the cigar and the smoke might be spidy up above is getting more high
Now we can say that Spiderman gets high in all senses, hahaha. Great caricature too.
Don't let the smoke get in your eye, Congrads on the cup.

Funny Stoned President Signing a Document

Stoned President Signing a Document
Member reactions:
OMG looks at Obama, reaction of pot in his eye
Its too hilarious to see Obama like this in his Highs and signing the deal
Congrats on the wood Franko nicely done I like those reflections and what they R reflectin'
Congrats on the woody Franko

Funny Stone Fire Place

Stone Fire Place

Funny Hairy Joss Stone

Hairy Joss Stone

Funny Stone Age Computer Geek

Stone Age Computer Geek
The Geek is born...they go back a long long time ago..
Member reactions:
pretty good. The rock stock is too low-res, although it does fit the overall image nice.
Well tried and nice selection of the image
Stone-age man wearing goggles very freaky

Funny Stone Age Martin Sheen

Stone Age Martin Sheen
Member reactions:
Thank you Kerri from Westbury ......
Thank you Jim & Nanny ...
very funny to see the bone over the nose great fur and the beard on the nose and cheek are too cute
cool and funny work Chili congrats on the bronze ..
Made me giggle. Congrats on the bronze, Chili.
Lol, very funny work. Bronze congrats, Chili.
Thx everyone ...

Funny The Obama's Playing a Stone Age Game

The Obama's Playing a Stone Age Game
Member reactions:
PhenomenonExcellent job done.....Both of them looks very stunning. Best of Luck
Its Awesome, Excellent Game played by Obama, he always wins:... Great Look on Michael and Funny Diano
Geriatric, Balodiya, Diamonds, Rajes, Chili, Eric thanks a lot
Congrats Sunny. My favorite subject....... Obama. Love the Dino.
Beautiful as always , Congrats on the Silver Sunshin3 ...
Many thanks D-Man, Pcr, DD, Geriatric, Chili appreciate your comments.
that's was really funny & cool work sunny congrats on the silver
Hahaha, they never looked better. Gotta love the dino playing with them too.
Silver congrats sunshine ... Great work, very cute ... Love the pooch in the shadows wearing it's cave-dog attire.
Glad you like the pooch QTR, thank you so much

Funny Stone Age Family Being Attacked by a Dinosaur

Stone Age Family Being Attacked by a Dinosaur

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