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Funny Stoned Pictures

Stone Age Martin SheenFunny Stone Age Martin Sheen
Member reactions:

very funny to see the bone over the nose great fur and the beard on the nose and cheek are too cute
cool and funny work Chili congrats on the bronze ..
Made me giggle. Congrats on the bronze, Chili.
Lol, very funny work. Bronze congrats, Chili.

The Obama`s Playing a Stone Age GameFunny The Obama`s Playing a Stone Age Game
Member reactions:

PhenomenonExcellent job done.....Both of them looks very stunning. Best of Luck
Its Awesome, Excellent Game played by Obama, he always wins:... Great Look on Michael and Funny Diano
Geriatric, Balodiya, Diamonds, Rajes, Chili, Eric thanks a lot
Congrats Sunny. My favorite subject....... Obama. Love the Dino.
Beautiful as always , Congrats on the Silver Sunshin3 ...
Many thanks D-Man, Pcr, DD, Geriatric, Chili appreciate your comments.
that's was really funny & cool work sunny congrats on the silver
Hahaha, they never looked better. Gotta love the dino playing with them too.
Silver congrats sunshine ... Great work, very cute ... Love the pooch in the shadows wearing it's cave-dog attire.
Glad you like the pooch QTR, thank you so much

Stone Age Family Being Attacked by a DinosaurFunny Stone Age Family Being Attacked by a Dinosaur
Member reactions:

Stone Age Family PetFunny Stone Age Family Pet
Member reactions:

Full View PLEASE

Sharon Stone PortraitFunny Sharon Stone Portrait
Member reactions:

Even the room is a fake.
Something new and very nicely done . . .

Rolling Stone Legends TourFunny Rolling Stone Legends Tour
Member reactions:

The Herbs must have preserved their appearances....
This magazine was the most popular in the Stone Age, . Good one

Mick Jagger Killing Two Birds with One StoneFunny Mick Jagger Killing Two Birds with One Stone
Member reactions:

Old Lady on Rolling Stone MagazineFunny Old Lady on Rolling Stone Magazine
Member reactions:

Take off all that make-up and this is what's left.
Have you seen it live.... just bloody horrible....thank god for computers........
hungggggggggggry... good job very funny
Rich & Rinkled. (i know-i misspelled wrinkle)
Thanks to all of you for comments.I agree with geriatric...When you are that rich, you drop the w in rinkled.. I'm STILL tired of her.
I think you chopped her ultimate reward and, probably, not something she dwells on presently. Good representation GrumpyOTJ.

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones CaricatureFunny Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones Caricature
Member reactions:

Source Image
this is one of the best Jagger's i've seen. Congrats
Another wonderful caricature from Mr. Pike. Congrats on the bronze.

Deck of StonesFunny Deck of Stones
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