Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Caricature
Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Caricature
Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Caricature. Member reactions:
Nice caricature done.... like the White Teeth
Phenomenal caricature job and background.
Needed one more cup LunaC, yours was an outstanding likeness and tribute..
Ahhhh LunaC, there was a shark swimming in here, I could feel it. welcome back mate, truly fine work

Funny Man Selling Stones From the Pyramids

Man Selling Stones From the Pyramids

Funny Rolling Stones with Sloth Faces

Rolling Stones with Sloth Faces
Member reactions:
Great composition of sloth faces for this gang... looks awesome

Funny The Crying Rolling Stones

The Crying Rolling Stones
Member reactions:
Impressive work.... all are crying and a new rock band in the making good one

Funny Fat Emma Stone

Fat Emma Stone
Member reactions:
Great prediction of Ema if she becomes old and avoid diet good one
Nicely done with her face even she looks beautiful
Nice face, not sure about the blurred parts.

Funny Fat Emma Stone

Fat Emma Stone

Funny Stoned President Barack Obama

Stoned President Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Like the way the Marijuana leaves were decorated and the plantation behind him is awesome... good freaky expression given to him by smoking Marijuana
TY. And the mysterious green mist creeps in It's the look you get when you mix MD20/20 and medical quality ganja.
That's make him more popular. Congrats on the bronze, Hits.
Congratulations. You made him look too intelligent.

Funny Stone Age Apple Computer

Stone Age Apple Computer
Stone Age Machine done all with paint brushes, hope it came out okay..
Member reactions:
Nice expressions on the Stone Age man... This device still a new modern gadget for him confused to operate
This is full of mystery to him, Might be he forgot the password
I reckon excellent, painting aint that easy, u did well

Funny Abe Lincoln on Rolling Stone Magazine

Abe Lincoln on Rolling Stone Magazine
In the early 1980's there was a lot of renewed interest and new fascination with Jim Morrison and suddenly he was hot (popular) again even though he was dead. This prompted Rolling Stone Magazine to release This Cover . Since Lincoln seems to be sharing a similar renewed interest these days, I thought this might be funny BEST VIEW
Member reactions:
His lips got attraction . Nice work.
This is a different image than the one I voted on a while ago. what happened.
Thanks eric. JannaR smoke & mirrors seriously though: sorry, it seemed like a better way to go, so I edited the entry after the first few votes.
Gold congrats, Billy Mac. Hysterical copy on the cover. "Lincoln Log." .
I was wondering about the change as well. Nice change. The other needed work.GooGoodwork
Many Thanks to All for your votes and wonderful words.

Funny The Stone Cowboy

The Stone Cowboy
Made with the source pic only, I hope you like it...
Member reactions:
Mind blowing chop.... great work using only with the source pic... I love to see those two guns attached to the pic its really freaky wonderful work done
Great architectural and creative artist here fantastic pose Love it :-*
Fantastic work with the source, Mark. Congrats on a well deserved gold.

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