the rolling stones German
the rolling stones German
the rolling stones German. mick jagger in brazil. Member reactions:
XLNT. Probably Gold. One RX though: select and horizontal flip the number 13.
Very colorful and nice caricature work ... I remember Newsmaster mentioning this in one of your previous chops, regarding the size of the two heads ... Jagger is positioned slightly behind Travolta, yet his head is so much bigger. Positioned the way they are, John's head would be slightly larger than Mick's. Also, I think it would make your overall image stronger if you were to pair two people who are more commonly seen together. It's still a nice looking chop and will probably win a cup.
Pacovilla and QTR have excellent suggestions. Technically it's a great chop, but composition wise it makes us wonder, why are these two people shown together. (as QTR rightly said)I would suggest keeping the original heads here (two German footballers, caricaturized or not), this would make this chop much stronger than just choosing two random celebrities who have no connection to soccer
I dunno. Jagger has one big noggin. This could be to scale.
Unfortunately they are both completely unrecognizable.
, thank you very much for your support, friends. are right in every detail. I thought to edit this work, to make sense of the picture, but I have not guardodo the process. I will try to do something right now to make sense. thank you very much
I have edited some details. Now if they have to see the characters. I would have liked sujerido do everything, but I have the process. thank you very much, for your friends advice.
Technically perfect. Sometimes hard to understand if there is a story behind.
Was never any doubt, great job, Elegary. Congrats
Yea, not any doubt, critiqued all the way to the gold Congratulations Elegary.
I don't know what to do with the contest theme; but it's a funny picture anyway... CONGRATS on GOLD
, thanks you very much, friends

Funny Poseidon With A Stone Phone

Poseidon With A Stone Phone

Funny Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Funny Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell

Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell
It was a brave man who tied the rope. RIP.. Member reactions:
Please replace poor animal by one of the politician from Crimea.
Lovely, remember to change the bull after every earthquake, otherwise doesn't work.
very good .... the bull will ring the bell when there is some activity
congrats on the woody , icy. great job.
Thanks, everyone. Now, can someone come up with a pithy joke using Balance - Bull - Balls and Bell. ...

Funny Stoned at Arcachon

Stoned at Arcachon
. Member reactions:
It is done so naturally that you can almost slip right by the subtleties of this one.

Funny Google Stone

Google Stone
Google's next venture. Member reactions:
Good work on the stone engraving of Google
Google Technology: Back to the basics. Good one

Funny Emma Stone

Emma Stone
. Member reactions:
the beard say cute, but the chest hair say eeeeew.

Funny Stones' Roadie

Stones' Roadie

Funny Stone seller

Stone seller

Funny Rolling stone accident

Rolling stone accident
. Member reactions:
Good use of rolling stone and making the donkey being hit with a fall well done

Funny Stone Head

Stone Head
Photoshop this eagle stone head image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-designing the eagle stone head, placing it in some new or unusual environment - paintings, movies. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Christopher Kubaseck and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone celebrates her 50th birthday today. Stone became internationally famous after her leading role in "Basic Instinct" in 1992 which became one of the most famous Hollywood movies of all times. Stone was nominated for the Academy Awards but never won. She won Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards. However Sharon Stone also received Golden Raspberry Awards (worst actress) for her role in "Basic Instinct 2" which tanked badly. To mark the 50th birthday of Sharon Stone, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: show what movies Sharon could have played in; what career she could have chosen alternatively; how Stone will look in the future; include her in paintings, statues, etc.

Funny Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone magazine turns 40 years old this month. The July issue is completely about 1967. 1967 is being billed as the summer of Love. As you may have noticed, Rolling Stone has a lot to say about the Summer of Love. They’re commemorating that culturally rich period with a special double issue, exclusive audio from archived interviews and web features like an interactive map. It's a funny thing, I remember 1967 but I didn't get much 'loving' that summer. Design any type of image that could show today's music industry as it would have looked back in 1967. You know, psychedelic posters, bell bottoms, afro hair-do, anything related to 1967. Another option is to move 60's bands & band members into today's surroundings.

Funny Stone World?

Stone World?
Show how the world would look if most objects were made out of stones and rocks (or using stone parts) rather than original materials. Stone phones? Stone cars? You carve it.

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