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Funny Stomach Pictures

Baby StomachFunny Baby Stomach
Member reactions:

very high marks...deserves a good with your blending...just perfect...
I would have given you 10 if there was a joint hanging out of the mouth, but high marks anyway.
tooooooooooo nice.... fantastic idea and well done

Napoleon Acid Stomach AdvertFunny Napoleon Acid Stomach Advert
Member reactions:

"He did eventually die of Gastric Cancer."
Clean work, Mt. Wiz. Congrats on the wood.

I-Kidney Scar on StomachFunny I-Kidney Scar on Stomach
Member reactions:

Pi Scars on Man`s StomachFunny Pi Scars on Man`s Stomach
Member reactions:

JoaoN. And I ate all the pie's anyway

Cat in a Dog`s StomachFunny Cat in a Dog`s Stomach
Member reactions:

Honey. I found the cat.
Nice colors in this image, the hand position distract a little but well done in overall.
Agree about the hand. Quality work nonetheless
First you adjust the device to a range. In this case aproximately 2 meters. The device scans everything in that range. It skips the bones of the hand....IT IS THAT SMART..

Mice Inside Snake StomachFunny Mice Inside Snake Stomach
Member reactions:

Well, they THOUGHT they were heading underground. Maybe those weren't stalactites at the cave's entrance.
Beautiful chop. I remember some similar composition in a cartoon years ago and I like yours way better.
Lunacy strikes again. Congrats on the gold.

Siamese Twins Attached at the Stomach No LegsFunny Siamese Twins Attached at the Stomach No Legs
Member reactions:

self portrait. looks fantastic (nice hair too man)
Genuinely super well done and bizzarre
Fantastic blending, congrats on the wood, AJ.

Sylvester Cat with Tweety Bird in His StomachFunny Sylvester Cat with Tweety Bird in His Stomach
Member reactions:

Great idea.. Congrats hidden. Funny and cute.
I tawt I taw a bronze trophy. Bronze congrats for Dexter and his two friends.
Great one dexter congrats on the bronze and going

Man Holding Pregnant StomachFunny Man Holding Pregnant Stomach
Member reactions:

wonderful peice, and subtle reference to his 15 minutes qoute, though i think mine is just as incogneto

Barack Obama in Al Pacino`s StomachFunny Barack Obama in Al Pacino`s Stomach
Member reactions:

can you give me source pic,i need it and i didnt find this

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