AOC America's Laughing Stock 2020
AOC America's Laughing Stock 2020
AOC America's Laughing Stock 2020.

Funny AOC America's Laughing Stock

AOC America's Laughing Stock
Member reactions:
When California, freezes OVER.
Laughing Stock. you mean she's already taken Trump's title.
Winner in my Book, HH. Great Blending and work with her hair.
Never thought AOC could ever be easy on the eye Awesome piece of work, H.House.
Thanks boss but this is HoHouse's great work.
So good it was just above average. As you can see by my voting everyone beat me, so I'm in my spot at FN.
Sorry bout the name mix up H.House. I thought it well above average and scored it accordingly. Mainly for the reasons Splatshot gave and a great theme.

Funny Founding Fathers Put Obama in the Stocks

Founding Fathers Put Obama in the Stocks
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Member reactions:
Thank you Newsey, 420, Luciano, Eric. Pree and Toledoeagle. This one definitely earned me my own drone
Congrats on a great one, HitMan. If these guy were around today, this is exactly were Omama would be..
This is a remarkable chop, love it, hope you had a wonderful 4th and congrats on the win.
Thanks Hobbit, Gummy, Wanderer, Doc, Bob, and Champ. It was a quiet 4th. They don't allow any fireworks here or even around Yosemite, Stanislaw National Forest so... boring. But boring we can live with, fire is unwanted excitement

Funny Man in the Stocks

Man in the Stocks

Funny Oprah Stock Magaine

Oprah Stock Magaine
The Oprah Magazine
Member reactions:
No , that was a good guess HH. I did too. It gets really hard when so many entries are really close to the same caliber. It could have gone either way... thus why I call these crapshoots But top 5 congrats Jim

Funny Steve Ballme in Wooden Windows Stocks

Steve Ballme in Wooden Windows Stocks
15 pics merged together...
Member reactions:
Masters job done Very nice Imagination and very well done Best of luck
Congrats, PixJockey. How you did it. Amazing.
Great chop, congratulations. I love that you counted your sources.
Congrats on the gold, Jockey. Very creative chop.

Funny Gordon Gekko Stock Ticker

Gordon Gekko Stock Ticker
Member reactions:
Thanks, crusader, pcrdds and Kellie. Yes, thats Michael Douglas, got the idea after watching "Wall Street II"
i love the contrast of this...absolutly beautiful
Douglas as Gordon Gekko is absolutely the best roleplay of a mighty Wall Street player. So great call here, solid composition and technique. I think most Douglas fans would agree that Wall Street II was not nearly as good as the first one. But I counted days till it'd come out. Watching it brings some great memories of the characters from the first installment.
Handsome chop, clean and nice effects. Congrads
Congrats on the win, Chaos. you get a bonus tip from Gordon Gekko - invest in GOLD.
LoL Newsy, thanks mate. Thank you, Ricky, Ivan and PixJockey

Funny Chocolate on the Stock Market

Chocolate on the Stock Market
I see a trend in the rising stocks here
Member reactions:
Clean, funny and should do well. Women and chocolate, what a pairing. Just something about a woman all coated in Hersheys tha tmakwes a man hungry
Invest wisely - in chocolate, not in gold. Quality work.
Hmmmmm, great chop, should have done better but hey, WTH... I put some good ones in lately too that went splat. Great job pal.

Funny Robot in The Stocks

Robot in The Stocks
Full view.
Member reactions:
Thank you very much. Forward the e-mail address.(Hands and Head) I send it.
Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it.
Lots of cool details, congrats on the bronze amadeus.
Rock solid work here, Amadeus. congratulations on the bronze.

Funny Marijuana in Christmas Stocking

Marijuana in Christmas Stocking
Give the gift that keeps on trippin'
Member reactions:
Man, this looks like a real photo. Hilarious.

Funny Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking
Photoshop this Christmas stocking image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing the Christmas stocking shape, putting this Christmas stocking on some person or animal, filling the stocking with gifts, including it in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for help with the concept, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Stock Market Crash

Stock Market Crash
Stocks of Dow Jones industrials and Standard and Poor 500 index had the worst week in 5 years, with over a trillion dollars wiped from the shareholders. The stock fall was initiated by investors' concerns about rising borrowing costs for companies and homeowners. High loan costs already caused the decline of real estate markets across the USA, with some states (e.g. Florida) seeing as much as 50% drop in the real estate sales. Photoshop the reasons, crisis, or effects of the stock market crash. Show how stock exchange downfall could affect companies, ordinary people or the whole life on this planet - think bankruptcies, devaluation of currency, and fortunes lost.

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