Long Hood Stingray
Long Hood Stingray
Long Hood Stingray. Member reactions:
This was back when they made big powerful V32 engines.

Funny Pocket Stingray Car

Pocket Stingray Car
Member reactions:
Nice job. Wish I could have seen the source image.
here is the Source
Thanks Denlig. IMO...Its always good to see the before and after in these types of manips.

Funny Stingray Stinging a Boy in his Pants

Stingray Stinging a Boy in his Pants
Payback for being caught.

Funny Baby Riding on a Stingray

Baby Riding on a Stingray
"I hope he does'nt need the potty"
Member reactions:
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Really.... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
a lil hue to turn the baby into a soft blue would make this more belivable, but still well done

Funny Stingray Robbing a Bank

Stingray Robbing a Bank
Member reactions:
"stop flapping I will give you the money"
bank,teller,robber..undersea.lots of work and good idea.
Put the money in the bag and noone gets stubbed

Funny Predator Stingray

Predator Stingray
The stingrays have always been an integral part of the predator dynasty.
Member reactions:
To see what theLEEK looks like, try this one...

Funny Godfather Stingray

Godfather Stingray
The Undersea's Godfather( mostly done with paint tools, hope it at least resembles a stingray)( Full View is much better)
Member reactions:
Stingray made kitty the offer he couldn't refuse

Funny A Stingray's Agenda Board

A Stingray's Agenda Board
Member reactions:
to be honest i do not like the bad humor of compare Steve with N.K. Primer Minister and Osama Bin Lade, but the chop work is nice.
Creative idea. I like how you humanized the stingray note-board.

Funny Russell Crowe the Stingray Gladiator

Russell Crowe the Stingray Gladiator
Crowe in denial, though Joaquin Phoenix already understudying with stringrays. A pirated version is rumored to be floating around Australia already.
Member reactions:
Dramatic stuff . Liked the emblem on the cuirasse. Just one thing, why does the frog have a hare-lip .
Man, the press never ceaces to amaze me.. Great story find. Nice chop too.
. . . because Emperor Commodus had a harelip.
Congratulations Ray. Definatly a well-earned trophy here.
Thanx guys, always means something when it comes from the best.
Powerful entry, and well deserved win. Tell me, though, is it the same poor stingray you used a while ago.
With some obvious improvements, Newsy: a hefty pay-grade increase (and the accompanying head gear), the nail holes nicely healed, much healthier tan (for a stingray), and of course, that signature Jacquin Phoenix lip thing. He just had to do a comeback, kinda like Gibson going from Passion to Lethal Weapon 5.
Sounds like a fair deal, Ray I especially like the wording "Crickey Maximus". And, hey, keep this stingray fella on the list - he might still win you some "oscars" in the future contests.
Hey, the stingray's batting .1000. I won't be trading him anytime soon.

Funny Stingray on a Crucifix

Stingray on a Crucifix
After a stingray (a docile, people-avoiding creature) kills popular, wild-animal daredevil/hero Steve Irwin, the revenge killings begin. Sept. 12
Member reactions:
good job getting the blood look in the water, but the blood coming of the stingray doesnt look real
Thanx for the feedback, anacsit. I was originally going for a dried-blood look, tho I think now fresher (more saturation) is more poignant. I'm pretty atuned to color, but it's beastly hard sometimes (for me anyway) to get color shades just right, especially after the pics are downsized for the web. I'm still not sure that blood shade is satisfactory (considering the ambient light, I think maybe it works). Would like to hear other opinions. Always trying to learn.
The sea looks like blood, which makes a stronger impact.

Funny Stingrays Behaving Badly

Stingrays Behaving Badly
[ An 81 year old man boating in Florida was stabbed in the chest by a stingray which burst from the water and attacked the man. ] This comes just one month after Australian naturalist Steve Irwin died as he was stabbed in heart by a stingray. Back then stingrays seemed to have issued "sorry, we didn't know it was Steve" statement, and scientists reported this was one extremely rare accident, as stingrays are known to be naturally friendly and cute creatures. If getting your chest stabbed is considered a friendly guesture, then New York has some of the friendliest neighborhoods in the world. And what scientists are trying to tell us is: stingrays have deadly barbs, but they don't really use them. Sort of like - Paris Hilton has brains, but she doesn't really use them. Or North Korea has nukes. Still friendly, right? In this contest you are asked to photoshop stingrays behaving badly (meaning causing harm, or threat). Feel free to humanize them - put them in human clothes, or living "human lives" doing bad things humans do.

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