Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera
Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera
Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera. Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera
Member reactions:
Good caricatures but the image is too small .

Funny Stevie Buscemi with Double Vision

Stevie Buscemi with Double Vision

Funny Stevie Wonder Gets Pranked On His 65th Birthday

Stevie Wonder Gets Pranked On His 65th Birthday
Stevie Wonder turned 65 last week. He has a great sense of humor and once did this for "Saturday Night Live." Stevie's commercial
Member reactions:
He's blind, not stupid, hahaha. Cool beans
Congrats Doc Paul. If Stevie see's this you might be in big trouble. funny stuff.
Great job as always. I hand no idea Stevie was Jewish.
Watched the Stevie commercial, never saw it, funny.
Thanks, Elegary. Yes, Robb...I even went to his Bar Mitzvah. .

Funny Stevie Wonder Gets A Medal from Obama

Stevie Wonder Gets A Medal from Obama
Stevie Wonder gets a medal from Obama
Member reactions:
Add shadows and you'll fight for a medal.

Funny Stevie Wonder Frog

Stevie Wonder Frog
Stevie Wonder's Pet Frog
Member reactions:
..Fun Idea You sure he's Stevie's frog. Looks like a Ray Charles frog to me.
I love the song he's playing and your work on this very original looking entry. Excellent.

Funny Stevie Wonder Gets Bionic Eye And Sees

Stevie Wonder Gets Bionic Eye And Sees
Man gets a bionic eye and is able to see.
Member reactions:
I've got the following model with X-Rays...if you're interested in.
Thanks, everyone. I'll take one, luciano.
and the bronze . Good looking chops, mate
HAT-TRICK. Here we go again...Congrats # 3.

Funny Stevie Wonder Finger Portrait

Stevie Wonder Finger Portrait
Member reactions:
Excellent work done on the solo finger :0 good chop don
Creative, and one of my favorite fingers in the contest. Congrats on the wood, too, Paul.

Funny Stevie Chops For FN

Stevie Chops For FN
Member reactions:
Now thats Freaking funny. I got a question, who is that reflected in his glasses.
The spoon with porridge inserted into a Grammy made me . Many other hilarious details here, - oh and I see one strange dude in the glasses reflection. He must be one of the freaking telemarketers who sold Poor Stevie Photoshop Braille edition.
Bracey...the "strange dude" in the glasses reflection is our "Fearless Leader." Newsy...Glad I can make you .
Can anyone answer the question: "Who is the pole dancer on the Photoshop book."
I felt guilty for laughing but I laughed like New Jersey none the less
Thanks, zaius. I know it's not "pc" but I just couldn't help myself.
Ah cool thanks for the info about "fearless leader".
Use Photoshop Braille on FN and their Beano wins.
it gave me a headache trying to figure out how can Steve use PS, Even with his Braille Edition, but the answer is right there in the Cereals plate, sadly Funny . and Pree is looking gooood
Thanks sassy. And salis and Goat...can't fool you two. Thanks. You're welcome, Bracey.
your dead again.............haha,,,, congrats anyway.,,ol
Thanks, doodydog. Thanks, I think, pree. Thanks, RICKY.
Gonna start calling you the good humor man Haha. Excellent schitck
That was one of the funniest chops I've ever seen Big congrats mate
Thanks, Hitspinner. I'll take that title. Good Humor was my favorite ice cream growing up.
Thanks a lot, macwithfries. Appreciate the wonderful compliment.
Congrats on the win, Paul, mate. You get a juror braille star too.
Thanks, Newsy. Do I fondle the braille star.
Congrats on yet another gold... BOY, you make it hard on the rest of us.
Sorry that I am late for the party but, wanted to Congratulate you. Humorous as usual.

Funny Stevie Wonder with a Big Nose

Stevie Wonder with a Big Nose
Member reactions:
One of my favorites in the contest. Liltim's classic.

Funny Harmonica Man Stevie Wonder

Harmonica Man Stevie Wonder
Member reactions:
Stunning chop, it reminded me what I've read in Wonder's biography that he was considering an operation where an electronic eye implant would be made for him that would make him see again, and he finally decided against it as he did not want to turn into a cyborg. Love the braille at the bottom.
Thanks all. appreciated the kind works, glad you enjoyed it
Congrats-you get better with every entry. What does the Braille say.
Thank you very much for the complement Geriatric. I think its due to spending more time on entries, but thats coming to an end, commissioned work will be taking up quite a bit of my time over the next few weeks... see how it goes. The braille at the top 60 yrs, bottom Stevie Wonder.
COngrats on the gold X-man . great chop as always
Congrats on the win, Chaos. Another homerun.

Funny Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder
Today (May 13), the legendary Stevie Wonder celebrates his 60th birthday. He was born Steveland Hardaway Judkins in Saginaw, MI. At the time of his birth, he was placed in an incubator and given too much oxygen, causing permanent sight loss. Despite his handicap, Wonder began to learn the piano at the age of seven and joined the church choir. Today, the multiple Grammy Award-winner Wonder has earned a position in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and as an icon in American music. Stevie deserves a happy-dance and his song "Happy Birthday" sung in his honor for consistently bringing us classic soul that endures over time. Happy Birthday, Stevie! To mark the 60th birthday of Stevie Wonder, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks
American singer and songwriter legend Stevie Nicks celebrates her 60th birthday today. Nicks has been performing for over 30 years. In her solo career and together with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks produced over twently Top 50 hits, got a Grammy Award and was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. One rumor that followed Stevie Nicks through all her fame years is that she is a witch. Although she loves to wear black clothes and all her work is copyrighted under the name Welsh Witch Music, Nicks repeatedly denied any involvement in witchcraft. In 1998, in an interview to Redbook magazine, Stevie said that she believes in angels and that she's only alive today because "God was looking out" for her during the years of her drug addiction. Even at 60, she continues writing new songs and performing. In fact her latest US tour starts this June. Happy 60th birthday, Stevie! To celebrate the 60th birthday of Stevie Nicks, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are - showing what alternative careers she might have chosen, what other music styles or bands she could have performed in, Stevie Nicks in paintings and movies, etc.

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