Baseball Hall of Fame Denied for Steroid Use
Baseball Hall of Fame Denied for Steroid Use
Baseball Hall of Fame Denied for Steroid Use. Steroids fallout: No BB Hall for Bonds, Clemens

Funny Woman Bodybuilder Steroid Dream

Woman Bodybuilder Steroid Dream
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Freaky... D-man, I'm with you - only these dreams were nightmares.

Funny Siegfried on Steroids

Siegfried on Steroids

Member reactions:
The matching on the face/head is a little off, I think.
Good one. Did you do the head on the statuette too. It looks like Siegfried's
I tweaked it a little Mundo. Thanks. Actually the statue just happens to look like Sig.
I see the resemblance. This is so much like a tacky Vegas post card it cracks me up. KB Keep the laughs coming

Funny Steroids in Baseball

Steroids in Baseball
at keeping it discrete.
Member reactions:
Great concept. Love the Out Of Bounds style here

Funny Energizer Bunny on Anabolic Steroids

Energizer Bunny on Anabolic Steroids
Bunny on steroids
Member reactions:
Wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night.
Lol. Very Good. Well Done on the execution also.
Congratulations on the gold, Deb. Excellent work. that's not all the bunny can do

Funny Sheryl Crow on Steroids

Sheryl Crow on Steroids
I Lance used them, then why not her.
Member reactions:
Psst. her mole is on the other side. overall great work.
Not Bad No ... though, Good Job on the over all picture

Funny Roger Clemens with Steroids

Roger Clemens with Steroids
Roger was on 60 minutes and had this to say: “Just because you can’t buy something over the counter, and you have to go to Mexico, and you have to walk down an alley, and you have to go past male prostitutes, which you might know as gigolos, and you have to give tequila to a guard, and you have to make sure that you don’t get rabies from a dog, and you have to give 13,000 American dollars to a guy wearing a poncho, people think it’s illegal,” Clemens said. “Ridiculous.”Story and here.
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The expression on his face is priceless. Good image, Keb.

Funny Baseball on Steroids

Baseball on Steroids
Players named in baseball steroid report

Funny Baseball Getting a Steroid Injection

Baseball Getting a Steroid Injection
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Steroid-infused Baseball causes injury to the players
This is in reference to all the steroid allegations in major league baseball and Barry Bonds' homerun record.
Newsmaster is correct. a poster for is good.

Funny Cyclist Using Steroids

Cyclist Using Steroids
Member reactions:
Fantastic work but I would probably have him wear a cycling helmet for more realistic look.
You asked the helmet News, I hope that it has been good.
the true perpective
but in my opinion it is too shocking to see this, I had to hide it to my son.
Apology Skorpion, but it see, I did an image following what the contest asked, in other words to do some image related with doping, also do not like very doing these images , but , tried to do a little comical as face, but is not a good example never , you have all reason, what needs then is to evaluate better before launching a contest because can images appear not pleasing.
I understand, and thanks for your apologies , it's just all those injetions o the body which make this a little hardcore in my opinion, expression obviouslly is priceless with all that drug in his body
The helmet was a good edit. I do not see anything over the line in this doping satire. Much more controversial drug related scenes are shown on TV.

Funny Celebrities on Steroids

Celebrities on Steroids
Show us what celebrities or politicians (not sports figures) would look like if they took steroids? What would their "muscle-bound" bodies look like?

Funny Olympics on Steroids

Olympics on Steroids
Let's blow the steroids and doping issue out of proportion. Show the evidence of these drugs in the Olympic Games, what extreme records could have been made with using those steroid substances, or show how Olympics would be different if doping and steroids were officially allowed in the games.

Funny Steroids in Sports

Steroids in Sports
Show the evidence that steroids supplements are used in NFL or any other sport.

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