Howard Stern
Howard Stern
Howard Stern. Member reactions:
That Howard always has his hair in his eyes,gets me crazy. Thanks
Into turquoise are we. Great double catch and great job

Funny Howard Stern Gentle Giant

Howard Stern Gentle Giant
Member reactions:
Preemium chop.. Awesome idea, Christmas lights are the perfect touch.

Funny Howard Stern

Howard Stern
Man in the Mirror

Funny Howard Stern

Howard Stern

Funny Howard Stern + Rachel Maddow

Howard Stern + Rachel Maddow

Funny Howard Stern and Friend in Airplane Toilet

Howard Stern and Friend in Airplane Toilet
Very bad poo smell causes airliner to return to the airport
Member reactions:
haaa......... im keeping it
Must have been Howard. Girls don't fart, they burp from the bottom heheheheh

Funny Howard Stern 2015

Howard Stern 2015
Member reactions:
Amazing Moves Looks like fully controlled by the music..Nice
kneqw this was yours. congrats pree. howard sure is limber.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup. A Stern Moment.
Thanks everyone I saw the contest and had to add a Howard Image
Congrats on the wood, pree. I bet Howard will love this one.

Funny Howard Stern Turkey

Howard Stern Turkey
Sorry Howard But I had too.
Member reactions:
Lol...probably wouldn't eat Turkey if they looked like this...excellent.
Crazy great and fun. Cracks me up... It's amazing that glasses and hair on a turkey head looks just like Howard Stern. Excellent choice.
One of the best in the contest. Congrats on top 5 pree.

Funny Howard Stern with a Dog Mouth

Howard Stern with a Dog Mouth

Funny Howard Stern the Shark

Howard Stern the Shark
This creature always manages to escape by breaking even the strongest fishing lines.
Member reactions:
It's a Remora or " ... fish" which attaches itself upside down to sharks, pacovilla.
The Remora was perfect. Most sharks have them on or around them
at the remora. Great chop, Doc. I caught one of those once, seriously strange fish. Top 5 whoot...

Funny Howard Stern

Howard Stern
Howard's long history of a radio king started when he studied at Boston University and volunteered at the college radio station. His radio show was canceled right after the first broadcast for being too controversial - he created on-air contest and called it "Name That Sin" where contestants confessed their worst sins. By 1994 he was making over $80 million a year and ran for governor of New York, but dropped out of the race after refusing do disclose his total wealth. When Howard was a kid, his father always called him a "moron". The "moron" graduated with honors and 3.87 GPA from Boston University (B.A. in communications), and became one of the biggest radio personalities America ever had. Photoshop Howard Stern any way you wish. UPDATE: This contest was originally dedicated to Howard Stern's 60th birthday, but we got his birthday wrong - he will turn 60 on January 12, not on December 12 (still a month ahead!). Let this contest be an early birthday present to Howard :)

Funny Howard Stern

Howard Stern
Photoshop either what guests Howard Stern show should have had to maintain a good standing with Clear Channel or what future career awaits Howard Stern and his show.

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