Step Brothers with Mouth Eyes
Step Brothers with Mouth Eyes
Step Brothers with Mouth Eyes.

Funny Twins Sitting on Steps

Twins Sitting on Steps
sources "dude i miss the couch..."
Member reactions:
nice chop, the caption.
Man the chop is great, the caption is BRILLIANT.
Another chop, another trophy, Mat is on a roll. Congratulations on the wood.

Funny Step Brother Twins

Step Brother Twins
Member reactions:
GREAT composition. Pity the top head is a bit blurry and its right part seems to have rough edge.

Funny Angel and Devil Children Sitting on the Steps of Heaven

Angel and Devil Children Sitting on the Steps of Heaven
Happy Halloween everyone. Some of the sources credited below. source source source source
Member reactions:
Great idea. It captures their "essences." I think a tighter crop on the kids might be better though.
thanks for the tip, Ray. I'll have a go at cropping them down a bit. How does that look, Ray.
Happy holloween back at ya and thanks for the nice holloween gift of your art. Very well done and smart integration of source.
Well, this image has overcome all my expectations of what amazing things could be done with this kid couple. Hats off.
I totally love how you divided the image info heaven and-hell parts - angel and devil, the sly snake, the fire from hell-and light from heaven.
Fantastic use of source, gr8 mood to this overall.
Congrats Peg. Great work. My fave in this contest
Thanks for all the feed-back, and for all the compliments, everyone..
Yes, belatedly, I think the tighter shot is an improvement. Don't wanna lose the main event in the scenery. Nice work. Good primal imagery.
I think this is great Pegleg. Tells a story. Makes you want to study it for the message.

Funny Athens Guard Goose Stepping

Athens Guard Goose Stepping
Member reactions:
If you had the shadow facing the wrong way it would look more interesting
I bet this took a reaaallllyy long time...derp

Funny Step Brothers Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Step Brothers Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
will they ever grow up.

Funny Iron Man Steps Out of the Comic Books

Iron Man Steps Out of the Comic Books

Funny steps

fullview pls.
Member reactions:
just a bit out of perspective but nice idea though
nice work, but i think any part of the image doesn't match with the source

Funny Hillary Clinton Stepping on Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton Stepping on Barack Obama
Hillary tells Obama: "Nothing can stop me on my road to the White House."
Member reactions:
This is hill-arious. Love the pics in the background.

Funny Man Stepping on a Worm

Man Stepping on a Worm
bad day for the worms
Member reactions:
this is so damn well done executed and the idea is great . my only tip is tha i think tha the man at the upside frame part don't need the shadow if come from it.
Maybe you might put the left foot inside the photo too. Emphasise the rain coming out; good idea.
Awesome job and wonderfully 3D. A nitpicking suggestion: You could try nudging the drop shadows of the 3 photos down a few px - they don't need the shadows on their upper edges.
I have a question, how do you do it. What kind of program you use. I mean anyone.
yes how do you do it. and also I think the photo on the back with the buildings is to straight it need to be a little bend more to match with him. Don you think. great super job.
Good one The only improvement would be what kibuyu had mentioned with the drop shadows. If they were just visible along the lower edges and sharper it would tie-in all your images.
please tell me those are strings for the shoe not bodies of worms...
Great image. I love this one. Only critique is that the cut lines on his pant leg and upper side of the big shoe could be blended better into the background. Great job.
Cool. And ewww.... at the same time. Yes Ma1974....I believe those strings AREN'T just strings.
Congratulations Gali, Wonderful eye for the OOB.

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