Stephen Hawkings
Stephen Hawkings
Stephen Hawkings. He'd've loved to get there.
Member reactions:
He can design anything for himself a genius master

Funny Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

Funny Stephen Colbert with Mouth Eyes

Stephen Colbert with Mouth Eyes
Member reactions:
I love your blending of mouths and glasses
Well crafted and technically splendid glass work.

Funny Stephen Hawking with Aliens Caricature

Stephen Hawking with Aliens Caricature
Member reactions:
Excellent but, disturbing at the same time. Congratulations.
Congrats on the gold Funkwood ,awesome work
Ha. I have him cut out in a PSD on file and haven't got around to playing with it yet. off to trash it goes. Excellent.
Gold... Congrats. Pretty good charicature there matie. All components fit splendidly
Thanks for the Treat, and Congrats on the Gold...
Another real treat from Funkster. Congrats on the gold.
Absolute genius. congratulations, worthy of a platinum cup if one was available.
Поздравляю на золото, Funkwood.
Спасибо Тусав, Я не знаю, что вы были русскими

Funny Stephen Colbert Dressed as a Woman

Stephen  Colbert Dressed as a Woman
Member reactions:
Freaking funny expression and nice makeup
It seems drag ladies are supposed to be plastered in make up and jewels. My entries were considered transgender too.
, Thank you all very much, I had fun with this :0)

Funny Stephen Hawking on Mars

Stephen Hawking on Mars
Member reactions:
Wish his motorized "whatever" was higher resolution to match the rest.
It matches now TY
Indeed. Sadly his chop is Earthbound. TY Eric,sai, and pcrdds
Compassion. The carburetor big brain, big muscles and retro-fit tank are just symbolic of the man's intellect. And, I am sending an indirect thumbs up to Pree and her kids that flat out excel. It is all very cryptic
Gotta be the first sci-fi caricature on FN. Hopefully not the last. Great job.
Top5Congrats, Hitz. Nice work. I like the edit you made to the tank texture.
Nice Hits. When a chop of this caliber ends up in fifth place, you know the competition was tough. Seems like the quality level is on the rise around here again.
Yep. It was a good contest. And Dan has come back and lit some fires under people's arses to improve. We might see some expatriated AWOL choppers return as well. I talked with a lot of them and there just wasn't the same enthusiasm when a few of the greats left. So, it left the door open to the lower ranked choppers to come in and flourish. And a bunch of those guys cycled out. I just scratch my head. It is a strange craft with even stranger ebbs and flows. Thanks all
Pretty wild stuff Hitman. Interesting that you gave him a muscular body...Maybe symbolic for his powerful intellect. Very creative.
Right you are, Funkmaster. See my earlier comment. TY. I tried a really dark and contrasty style because of really crazy variations of pixel density on sources, then hammered it with Topaz clean 3, tons of burning, dodging, liquification and a final Topaz 4. I thought it came out exceptionally well considering the degree of difficulty. Oh well, sometimes you just need to publish a WIP to convince the voters you deserve a Ph.D. in this stuff hahahahah
Quality work as to be expected from the Hitspinner … and thanks for your input on my chop … I didn't notice the dark ornament until you pointed it out … I like it mo betta now
My pleasure. I felt a bit like a nit-picky, petty idiot because the blip was so small. But if you didn't correct it, it's there for eternity. . Once the contest voting closes so does the door to fix blips. I have so many chops out there with errors caught after the contests which were glaring but somehow missed....... hehehe. Thanks for the comment. It helps a lot to sooth the bruise of a hard fought round

Funny Stephen King And Friends with Christine

Stephen King And Friends with Christine
A homage the the great horror God,Stephen King Carrie IT The Shining Cujo Christine
Member reactions:
Uhh.,, Uhh..,,,, Did the dog's butt pull the windshield right out of the car.
Cujo's rather rotund buttocks is quite powerful indeed
Great looking chop …love the colors Perhaps a background that was less busy and more open would help the characters read better.

Funny Stephen Hawking The Brain Caricature

Stephen Hawking The Brain Caricature
Hawking speaks at his official welcoming ceremony at Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics in Kitchener
Member reactions:
… I could think of things I never thunk before, and then I'd sit and think some more … Splendid chopping, hidden.
Thank you, retral. I made some changes, so you might need to refresh the page.
Great, super clean and hysterical job, hidden.
Nice addition with the visor … is that his voice command piece below the bulging eye on his cheek.
Thankk you. Yes ,that is his actual device.
This is Freakin Good. Art is never finished. The Visor was a great edit Hidden.
Extra points for irreverence. Bloody hysterical hahahahaha
Perfect . Great chop.
God dropped the ball on this one. Good work.
Ohh.. this is an Excellent Awesome and lately splendid work. I can see his Biig Brain and that Sucks, literally see the picture Well its very well managed on the air, he looks super with the Giant brain and good HD quality submission, Very good luck hidden. I enjoy a lot this chop, thank for it
This just seriously rawks on so many levels.
Superlative chop. Excess of brain is a fantastic thinking.
Another great job, Jere. This one will go into the superchop hall of fame. Congrats on the well deserved win.
Mind-Bending Excellence. Gold Congrats J Mix
Congratulations. A very serious subject to me which you portrayed well by your creative efforts.
Congrats on the Gold, jeremix … It may be difficult chopping without ciggies, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the excellent quality of your chops. P.S. I hope you're still ciggie free …
Home-run. Fantastic image. Congratulations Jere.
, very nice. highest scre, five favs..lots of positive comments. not a bad way to wake up. thanks very much. i hope i can keep this going, haha. Maybe i should retire now. And yes, i am still ciggie free..
Congrats Jere.. Superb work mate..

Funny Stephen Hawking in a Tyson Shell

Stephen Hawking in a Tyson Shell
Member reactions:
Talk about a split personality disorder. Quality work

Funny Merry Christmas From Canadian PM Stephen Harper

Merry Christmas From Canadian PM Stephen Harper
Member reactions:
Superb work. though Harper's face is a tad blurry

Funny Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert
American political satirist and television host Stephen Colbert is celebrating his 45th birthday today. Colbert is the youngest of eleven children in an Irish Catholic family. While his show, The Colbert Report, is loved by millions of American and international viewers, Colbert prefers that his children not watch the show, saying, "Kids can't understand irony or sarcasm, and I don't want them to perceive me as insincere." Happy 45th birthday, Stephen! To mark the 45th birthday of Stephen Colbert, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what alternative careers Colbert might have chosen, merging him with politicians, putting Colbert in movies and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Stephen King

Stephen King
Famous horror novelist and story writer Stephen King celebrates his 60th birthday today. Up to date, he has written over 200 stories including some of the best selling horror and fantasy novels. Several of his stories were made into the major movies, including The Shining, The Running Man, and The Green Mile. To celebrate the 60th birthday of the great horror and fantasy mastermind Stephen King, photoshop anything related to him. Some good examples are immortalizing Stephen King in paintings, designing a book cover for his books (merging with other books is ok), or photoshopping posters of the movies based on King's stories (merging with other movies, designing a sequel, etc.)

Funny Stephen King Books

Stephen King Books
Design covers for Stephen King books. This can be a completely new and horrifying idea or a remake of an existing title.

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