Stephen Colbert Shows Ballet Skills
Stephen Colbert Shows Ballet Skills
Stephen Colbert Shows Ballet Skills. Stephen Colbert shows off his ballet skills Friend Jon Stewart and "Poo-Poo The Ballet Dog" join him here.
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Thanks, eric. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, G-Man.
FUNNY STUFF as always have a great sense of humour.
Thanks, oldman...appreciate it. Thanks, F.
Funny, funny . . . nicely done, although I have to admit I wasn't sure which of yours would edge the other
One of the best in the contest in my book

Funny Stephen Colbert Caricautre

Stephen Colbert Caricautre
Watch Stephen Colbert's Campaign Message to Iowans SOURCE
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I have not got a clue what your saying but I admire your passion and artwork keep them coming.

Funny New Scary Stephen King Book Cover

New Scary Stephen King Book Cover
Member reactions:
awesome work,love the little hello kitty panties
Impressive horror book for kids. Stephen King rocks. and this creature is a horror version of teddy bear, .
Many creepy thanks.......what's under your bed.
congrats carl. It's really a freaking entry. I like your style.

Funny Larry King Mixed with Stephen Colbert

Larry King Mixed with Stephen Colbert
An all around great decision, if you ask me.
Member reactions:
That is one scary grin
Thanks. I know I'd watch the New Jersey out of that show, though.
great chop Nocturnesthesia . big congrats on the woody

Funny Stephen Hawking Meets God

Stephen Hawking Meets God
Stephen Hawkins book "The Grand Design" cuts God out of creation
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LOVE the saturation..........but I'm strung out on oversaturated stuff. GREAT JOB.
Lol, nice entry.. Hawky really is news this week
One of my favorites in the contest. Big "Bang" and the scissors really do it for me here.
Gibberish, I say.... For a supercharged brain, Stephen can be such a blind twit in my humble opinion. Maybe he needs to die for a few minutes and then be brought back. You know, see a little bit into the afterlife and an OOBE or something hahahah. Gravity exists because it must as an elemental law guiding particle behavior. And that is a given axiom. Okay, I'll buy into that.. But the tough questions is, what created the first particle. He just won't think beyond the laws that govern modern physics because these fellows are not willing to accept that there are senior laws, way different laws that math and physics cannot explain. The laws of physics govern and explain matter and its behavior in relation to other matter. They try to see all creation as particles and, here is the twist, the law of conservation of energy insists there is a finite number of particles and if particles were able to create more particles then we'd see evidence of that. But We dont. So, matter isn't generating new matter. It merely changes from different states. Thus compelled is the question, if matter connot create matter, what did. Something that apparently isn't matter, then. I believe we have evidence of these higher laws. Perhaps Intuition is part of such a higher group of laws, or some form of supernatural force vectors. We feel it, we know it when it happens but it cannot be confined, numerized or explained via phisics. It's not a crime to just admit, you don't know something, and that isn't going to minimize theoretical physics in one way or another just because physics can't prove the existance of God or a prime mover or whatever. All Hawking can do is follow the string to the end and then say, "well there you go, there is the end of this subject, must be another set of rules someplace." I love the chop, and obviously love the subject hahahahah I have spent many a night debating this stuff in smoke filled rooms with bleary eyed pals thinking our brains into twisted pretzels
In the beginning there was Photoshop..And Newsmaster saw that it was good.. thks for the comments
Heeeeyyy alright, you grabbed a cup for this one. Excellent work and coverage....
i love this... excellent chop. congrats crusader234.

Funny Symmetrical Stephen Colbert

Symmetrical Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert

Funny Big Head Stephen Colbert

Big Head Stephen Colbert
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How 'bout a game of chess, professor. Wise path taken in this chop
A game.... Not until I get my ranking above 2600. I have played against you Russian lads before Just can't seem to beat Capablanca to save my life (Chessmaster- game)
Surprise, surprise. (It's hit's.) He is known for having a big head - Colbert, not Hit.

Funny Stephen Colbert Upside Down

Stephen Colbert Upside Down
Stephen Colbert

Funny Stephen Colbert Ballerina with Eagle

Stephen Colbert Ballerina with Eagle
Member reactions:
His father always told him before the show: "Break a leg, Colbert." Pretty cool chop

Funny Stephen Colbert with Warped Dog

Stephen Colbert with Warped Dog
Member reactions:
oooops ...little typo in title..should be Colbert
Seriously twisted. (Someone has been eating those mushrooms again) Full view is nice with many details
Hahahahah Newsy. It is a must see in big mode.

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