Stephen King And Friends with Christine
Stephen King And Friends with Christine
Stephen King And Friends with Christine. A homage the the great horror God,Stephen King Carrie IT The Shining Cujo Christine
Member reactions:
Uhh.,, Uhh..,,,, Did the dog's butt pull the windshield right out of the car.
Cujo's rather rotund buttocks is quite powerful indeed
Great looking chop …love the colors Perhaps a background that was less busy and more open would help the characters read better.

Funny Stephen Hawking The Brain Caricature

Stephen Hawking The Brain Caricature
Hawking speaks at his official welcoming ceremony at Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics in Kitchener
Member reactions:
… I could think of things I never thunk before, and then I'd sit and think some more … Splendid chopping, hidden.
Thank you, retral. I made some changes, so you might need to refresh the page.
Great, super clean and hysterical job, hidden.
Nice addition with the visor … is that his voice command piece below the bulging eye on his cheek.
Thankk you. Yes ,that is his actual device.
This is Freakin Good. Art is never finished. The Visor was a great edit Hidden.
Extra points for irreverence. Bloody hysterical hahahahaha
Perfect . Great chop.
God dropped the ball on this one. Good work.
Ohh.. this is an Excellent Awesome and lately splendid work. I can see his Biig Brain and that Sucks, literally see the picture Well its very well managed on the air, he looks super with the Giant brain and good HD quality submission, Very good luck hidden. I enjoy a lot this chop, thank for it
This just seriously rawks on so many levels.
Superlative chop. Excess of brain is a fantastic thinking.
Another great job, Jere. This one will go into the superchop hall of fame. Congrats on the well deserved win.
Mind-Bending Excellence. Gold Congrats J Mix
Congratulations. A very serious subject to me which you portrayed well by your creative efforts.
Congrats on the Gold, jeremix … It may be difficult chopping without ciggies, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the excellent quality of your chops. P.S. I hope you're still ciggie free …
Home-run. Fantastic image. Congratulations Jere.
, very nice. highest scre, five favs..lots of positive comments. not a bad way to wake up. thanks very much. i hope i can keep this going, haha. Maybe i should retire now. And yes, i am still ciggie free..
Congrats Jere.. Superb work mate..

Funny Stephen Hawking in a Tyson Shell

Stephen Hawking in a Tyson Shell
Member reactions:
Talk about a split personality disorder. Quality work

Funny Merry Christmas From Canadian PM Stephen Harper

Merry Christmas From Canadian PM Stephen Harper
Member reactions:
Superb work. though Harper's face is a tad blurry

Funny Stephen King Caricature On Cover of Time Magazine

Stephen King Caricature On Cover of Time Magazine
Member reactions:
Wonderful caricature and nice effects on the Title "Time" love the blood spill work
Smooth like silk, fantastic caricature, very nice execution with the font and cover page. his goggle is Amazing

Funny Justin Trudeau Superhero Attacking Stephen Harper

Justin Trudeau Superhero Attacking Stephen Harper
for anyone out there who is not canadian, justin trudeau is running for the office of the liberal leadership. He stands a good chance of winning due to his namesake. And the baddie is stephen harper.please enjoy in hd
Member reactions:
Good Work. You're right about King Stephen being a baddie.
Excellent caricature and nice detailing of the sharp images.... He is getting the blessing from that old man good use of flash light
Best placement of all together with super work you are the super hero hidden
Amazing work, rb. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Stephen King Caricature

Stephen King Caricature
Birthday shoutout: Stephen King Stephen King announces sequel to The Shining after 36 years of suspense dr-sleep
Member reactions:
Such a great're really good in lighting and giving a mood to the image..
Nice.. Really good bobblehead of King. Love this one.
... One of my fave authors, great tribute
Nice Work my friend. A Very entertaining piece.
36 years of suspense now revealed very well done to present him and the devil from Back looks more funny than scary Stephen looks so cool .... not a bit scared becoz all the devils were his characters of the Novel great job done love this article
Nice work. I've just hired the Shining on DVD.
His books scare me half to death. How on earth do you make the hair look so amazing. Congratulations on the gold.
Fabulous work, PSM. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Police Bashing Stephen Hawking

Police Bashing Stephen Hawking
Double Amputee Shooting: Matthew Jacob Marin, Houston Officer, Kills Man In Wheelchair, Police Say
Member reactions:
Your work is great, the subject is a tragedy, however--This is in poor taste.
I don't see anything wrong with it, the story is the tragedy, not the chop.
Wonderful chop to predict the next victim to be beaten up by Houston Officers... Cool job done like your idea
Agree with pegleg. Like the smoke effects by the way.
You want good taste this is not the place pacovilla. Mind you even FN has limits.

Funny Stephen Hawking's Brain

Stephen Hawking's Brain
the person is stephen hawking. most of this was painted the only sources used were the cardboard man,table,sun,water,doors and the 2 colliding planets,everything else was by hand and blow torch.Please view it full so as to get all the detail. And lastly please enjoy.
Member reactions:
oh god no, never. My intent was to create a pic or a scene in the future ,like maybe 300 yrs, and the best mind of the 20th century was still being kept alive, thru artificial means.
Great Work. Yes different, yet your style seems very familiar. *~~*
Amazing chop so many frames and hard work seen her like the little tin man with a cigarette bud excellent caricature and use of fire and planets were truly amazing all the best...
thank you so much subhraj1t and thank you rajeshstar
Out of this world. Fantastic work done Its really different job done. Well done hidden
Master peace of work, awesome and clear job done. Thought full table out there in background
thank you first gold at freak show
Team Canada takes gold in the Photoshop Olympics....congrats Robin
thank you so much D-man, you are so popular with the funny chops happening on these contests...
Congrats on the gold. This is what imagination looks like.
Love it, different look here and congrats on the win.
thank you so much salis, Rgu, and hobbit90
Congrats on the Gold robin and a bobbin' … nice work.

Funny Stephen Colbert As Captain America

Stephen Colbert As Captain America
Stephen Colbert must be stopped.
Member reactions:
excellent caricature and very good work with the tides and water looks so real like a hollywood blockbuster
Looks so real. And shield-water merge is so good. Gun-shield what a combination
and this was, as always, beautiful work. Congrats.

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