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Funny Stefani Pictures

Frankenstein`s Monster Loves Gwen StefaniFunny Frankenstein`s Monster Loves Gwen Stefani
Member reactions:

nice blend job here very clean Great stuff
Looks Great, wonderful stuff very well done
Perfect couple. Gwen and Boris. love it.
For everyone who voted this into 5th place........... Bravo.. Never thought I would live to see the day a black and white could finish this well. Again thanks.

Gwen Stefani With Long ArmsFunny Gwen Stefani With Long Arms
Member reactions:

Hilarious. Put your arms around me, baby.
I like the angular momentum...nice colors too

Gwen Stefani PaintingFunny Gwen Stefani Painting
Member reactions:

Good one. She fits the painting perfectly

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Gwen Stefani SmileyFunny Gwen Stefani Smiley
Member reactions:

well done just the face skin looks too smooth.

Gwen StefaniFunny Gwen Stefani
Member reactions:

I think he would paint celebrities.
Good show. If I were to offer a critique it would be to adjust the levels so the depth of the blacks (eyes etc.) match the blacks in the surrounding pic, (just above her elbow) This would help this become an even better merge.
The color seems too good on her face. If you look at the places that midian mentions, over her arm for instance, the color is a bit faded and uneven but her eyes and eye brows are very solid and crisp. I definately agree with Newsy, your texturing is awesome. Awesome job.
Thank you for the critiques. I appreciate them. Don't have time to change it now, but I do appreciate. The pic of Gwen was B/W, so I dropped the color on the painting then concentrated too much on recoloring that I missed the blacks. Texture... sandstone, then canvas, then and burlap on the entire thing.
i think it looks really authentic, very much like a real painting

Gwen Stefani as CatFunny Gwen Stefani as Cat
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Gwen Stefani PortraitFunny Gwen Stefani Portrait
Member reactions:

Always knew that the song "I'm just a girl" was autobiographical.
Can't think of a good caption, but it's a damn great entry.

Gwen Stefani Funny Gwen Stefani
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Hairy Gwen StefaniFunny Hairy Gwen Stefani
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