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Funny Steer Pictures

Bad steeringFunny Bad steering
Member reactions:
Shiver me timbers
So that the print on the Jet Ski reads left-to-right, you might consider a horizontal flip of your image.
Good one.. but add some wreckage to the vehicle will give natural look
Thanx for your help rajeshar, but i think it's too late for me to change it now the voting has started

Dog Steering a Gondola in VeniceFunny Dog Steering a Gondola in Venice
Member reactions:

i am from venice (italy)... gondolier funny, i had never seen a dog rowing a gondola..
its so perfectly blended, all looks so real with clothes
Nice thought of crossing this river. Looks so real

Barack Obama Steer ManureFunny Barack Obama Steer Manure
Member reactions:
Presidential Quip Draws Ire
Gee, folks. I'm not a wiz at this stuff, so the compliments from y'all is appreciated. Thanks to all of you.

Steer in a Car Smoking a CigarFunny Steer in a Car Smoking a Cigar
Member reactions:

view full imageSorry, for the car coreldraw I drew it

John McCain the Maverick SteerFunny John McCain the Maverick Steer
Member reactions:

Media still touting "maverick" McCain Maverick: In the Southwestern part of the US, a steer that is unclaimed or wild.
Congratulations on the gold, Arizona. He looks impressive here. Reminds me Cheney too somehow

Steering WheelFunny Steering Wheel
Member reactions:

Inspired by the following news: Kentucky Man Finds Python in Rental Car

Steering WheelFunny Steering Wheel
Member reactions:

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Little did GM know, it became a real bitch to drive with a wife on front seats. In most cases cars either don't get anywhere or crash on the first turn to the mall.
The model had most success with the people suffering from multiple personalities disorder.
Yep. You like mutant things

Random Tilt SteeringFunny Random Tilt Steering
Member reactions:

You can really see that you used the clone tool to cover up whatever was in front of the truck. You could have borrowed more from the surrounding areas. But I'd sure like to see that original picture
Adding caption to this ad would make it even more brilliant. Something like: "Because NOBODY should tell you how to drive"
that's hilarious, why don't you submitted that as a caption, i would have voted on it
very nice. however there's a shadow from the pole, but not one from the truck.
I can actually see them using that slogan, strangley

Car with no Steering WheelFunny Car with no Steering Wheel
Member reactions:

Hahaha, and the next prob is - the speeding ticket.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Steering WheelsFunny Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Steering Wheels
Member reactions:

since when do Hummer owners give a 5h1t about details such as driver's licenses..

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