Steampunk Jules Verne Caricature
Steampunk Jules Verne Caricature
Steampunk Jules Verne Caricature. sources Steampunk: An Illustrated History Review In 1889, inspired by Jules Verne, New York World reporter Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) set out to travel around the world in less than 80 days. How Long Would It Take to Fall Through the Earth.
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature and well use of sources image. seen a lot of dedication while making this chop... with so many source images... Overall you stole our heart with this amazing pic great job done
Fabolous extremely superb.Like the small gadjets the octapus behind and all over color shading. Excellent job done. 10 out of 10.
My fav part as always is the Light emit-ion and color u chose.. Yellow-Green-Blue Smooth skin tone and interesting stuff all around that makes the pic interesting and 100% justifying the concept... You are a guru
Another masterpiece, Marco. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler

Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler
Member reactions:
Great job. I love the funky perspective you used.
Very creative,freaky and fabulous.Nice work
Is that Newsmaster in the paper. What he do this time. I'd delete the aura around the eyes and use motionblur instead. Great work though.
Thanks pcrdds, Thanks andwhat, and jeremix Thank you, there is actually both radial blur and motion blur on both the eyeballs and the aura I just now added a little more to the eyeballs, however, I've made several edits after merging the aura, so it's a keeper
For some reason this chop really caught my eye. Nice Work... Good Luck Hidden...
Freaking idea Eye in the hand, nice thinking Great job done
The King of stocks turned all them into a wonderful chop.... great composition of the stocks and majestic job done on this image really wonderful to see the Eyeballs hovering around with a freaky mouth open wide and staring us Full Marks to this
Thank you SplatShot, Thank you balodiya, and many Thanks to you rajeshstar you are the King of Comments.
Yeh its so freaky and brilliant work. Great detail in each pixel and fantastic concept funny teeth and crazy ambiance at Headquarter
Grats on winning silver, G. Still not sure about the eyes, but a great chop nontheless. Especially the dog.
Luv the perspective Qt. Grats on the silver.
TONS of work and skills in this freak chop. Congrats on the silver, Bill. the newspaper.
Thank you kindly everyone much appreciated.

Funny Steampunk Abraham Lincoln

Steampunk Abraham Lincoln
Please view XL
Member reactions:
Lovely work, so mechanical and reminds me "The Mechanical" of Aladdin cartoon
What a work, nice devices used to show the sky and the clouds behind that circle and what a idea to create a heart inside Mr. Lincon with a parts of clock Looks like inspired from the movie Hugo
Very Impressive and rightly suit the contest
Makes me think of Jules Verne books. Freaking fabulous. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Steampunk Dr House

Steampunk Dr House
Time ticks down for House
Member reactions:
Excellent take. Love the color scheme here and it's very clean.
Really cool
Like the freaky smoke coming out from machine and good colors chosen.
Awesome idea generated here.... like to see his hat with a meter and a lamp hanging. very funny to see the Artificial Eye Container and the meter near to his chest. Great freaking job done
Superb Concept Selection and very well executed
Nice job... cool steam punk vibe... congrats.
Impressive work, toledo. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Steampunk Scientist

Steampunk Scientist
Member reactions:
Very creative. I like how you made the mini bike.

Funny Steampunk Newt Gingrich

Steampunk  Newt Gingrich

Funny Steampunk Turkey Solider

Steampunk Turkey Solider
2013 State conquered the world and now turkeys, humans have instincts, The Turkeys were initially agreed, but one day there was the stock market crash of turkeystreet, And so the outbreak of World War Turkeys.
Member reactions:
WoNdErFuLll. What tools do you use, I want to learn from you Hidden Author.
PSMandrake congrats.. a very steampunk turkey...
This chop blew me away. Great job and congrats.
Congrats on the silver PsMandrake, excellent work.
Quality work. Congrats on the silver, PSM.

Funny Steampunk Ringmaster

Steampunk Ringmaster
Something i did while on a break this week...not real technical, but an effective pic I thought..I hope you all like.....
Member reactions:
Every pixel is telling the story of effort. Good
No Gold. Bummer Dude...maybe next time. I raise my glass of Geritol to the Aussie Kid. Cheers Mate.
Thank you all...was golden all your comments....

Funny Degas Ballerina in Steampunk Space Suit

Degas Ballerina in Steampunk Space Suit
Member reactions:
Well that's just exceptional. Thanks for sharing.
oldman do you mean the glow on her chest. i should reduce it.
Nice work again.
yes, your job is perfect, the one who took the pic in the museum wasn't so good
ok oldman i tried to fix it as best i can,, and you like that hypnotized girl. heavy drooling . *by the way her face is a dudes
Any port in a storm........and it's been raining here for some time now.-
I saw this very statue at the museum with my own eyes, and I tell ya - you gave it a second modern life. Love the new outfit and the lights on it. the woman sitting nearby - she must think she's being abducted.
My answer to the concept is that this is one of the first exploratory NeanderBots from another planet. Equipped with Light-Ray arms that serve to protect from harm and/or collect data according to its, functionally-oriented, tasks of the day. The Green Ray is Numbing Ray applied for the purpose of personality data collection that would determine its Threat level and expected defense posture, henceforth. Well...that's just my opinion. Outstanding and a unique chop-Good Luck.
Gold congrats, Miss Pree. Super duper job.
Super job owe me.-
i do owe .. you... oldman..,,ill set you up with that ... y chic
The technician who installed the pedestal had a bad day, but the decorater who dressed the statue made an awesome job - impressive. Congrats on gold, man
Absolutely great .... Bravo on the Gold .
Congrats Preemie and great job putting a new spin on an old Degas sculpture.

Funny Steampunk Sci Fi Under the Sea

Steampunk Sci Fi Under the Sea
"A Victorian Age Sea Monster Horror Story."

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