Steampunk Shoe Car
Steampunk Shoe Car
Steampunk Shoe Car. Member reactions:
This simply rocks. Very clean badass car work.
Congrats on the gold Hitspinner. Very nice.
Thanks Newsey, Gummy, Luciano, Suni, eric, silvercanine, and Elegary
Me about sixty pounds ago hahahahah, Thanks mate. I got around to putting a head on the figure and thought, what celebrity would look like he belongs with this car and it dawned on me. ME. Why let some other fool have all the fun. I want to drive this puppy
You and your car look FANTASTIC, congrats on the win.
Gold congrats on a fine job, Tim. I knew that was you.
Congrats on the Gold, and a very fine job, classic.

Funny Steampunk King Felipe of Spain

Steampunk King Felipe of Spain
Announcing Beer Time In Spain
Member reactions:
Love it, but why does the armor feel like it's a female armor.
CONGRATS on the golden, expertly chopped.
Thank you, Champ, Hobbit, Pat, Elegary, Bob, HoHouse, Doc, Wanderer, 420, Newsy, Luciano and Eric

Funny Steampunk Kangaroo

Steampunk Kangaroo
Member reactions:
This looks like the Hitmans work :0) but either way it's GREAT, EXCELLENT job
Good One. For some reason he reminds me of Wile E. Coyote.
I gotta dedicate this one to Mac and Kellie, our fearless sprites that work behind the scenes from down under. TY Retral, Pat, Evirio, Eric, MrVman, Armatien, Splatshot, Gary, Hobbit and Retral again.
Masterpiece . In some way looks like Vile Coyote at thr beginning of one of his adventures.
Indeed it does It is a critter mix of Roo, Bunny, dingo-ish and human I snipped it apart, added a few bits and reassembled. Very therapeutic
Creative as heck, and reminds me Wile E. Coyote too.
Congratulations on the Win Hitz. Damn....tough to beat you chopping this well.
This is the best yet, you're just plain amazing, congrats on a well deserved win.
Thanks so much, Bob, Retral. SplatShot, Doc and Newsey. Retral, it really isn't a question of cartooning but more of illustration. I do a lot of over painting and sampling on these images that move them more into the art category. I will see if I can put a video together on some techniques
Thanks for your answer hitspinner.Respect
You are most welcome. Thanks back and to Gummy, Elegary and Wanderer

Funny Steampunk Robot Sea Captain

Steampunk Robot Sea Captain
Steampunk, Fantastic Art, Photoshop, Robots
Member reactions:
Let me guess... a gazillion layers at least. Brilliant work.
I lost count. 12 hours though. Thank you.
Aye matey--nothing like a nice pint of motor oil to get ya started. Fantastic image. Would love to hear the story/motivation behind it.
Best mechanical Robo, reminds me the work of Mechanical rival of Alladin
Great. Looks like he is thinking of the late Mrs. Waterbot.
VERY FUNKWOODISH.....and I mean that as a compliment. Great work.
Thank you Doc, Newsey, Pat, Eric, Blodiya, LC, and Evirio.
Dang Hit, this chop is beyond amazing.I stand in awe of the master.Congrats on the gold and yet another masterpiece
excellent work... congratulations Hittts..
Thanks so much, Elegary, Wanderer, Jim and Bob
FANTASTIC work, love his choice of drink, you have a wonderful imagination and congrats on the win.

Funny SteamPunk Shirley Temple

SteamPunk Shirley Temple
Member reactions:
Lot of memories here.Maybe you can desaturate her face a bit.
Pretty cool

Funny Steampunk Giovani Ribisi

Steampunk Giovani Ribisi
Steampunk art anyone. Special thanks to Steamworks R&D Labs Howard Miller
Member reactions:
Spintacular. Giovani and Steampunk go together very well.
Thanks Marco. Not sure if I saw that. Was your Verne 46 layers deep like this. This took about 12 1/2 hours. Stupido amount of work for a single entry . Thanks Luciano, Splatshot, Gummy and PJ.
You are not Hidden now... your skill speaks here... a great chop from the master Loveable and appreciatable work seen here fantastic testing equipments seen here good one
Thank you Doc, Rajesh, PSM, Ricky. The airship made out of whisky barrels is from an old chop I did and the dog is "Buddy" my best pal and spoiled little brat. I want to call this style Powerpunk, The period is sort of on the cusp of the electrical revolution and dawn of flight.
I love steampunk. Congrats on the silver, Hitspinner.
Thank you everyone. This will be short. I am having some difficulty with the comments
Thank you all very much, I'm having connection issues with the site, so bear with me

Funny Steampunk Time Traveller

Steampunk Time Traveller
Member reactions:
Very good inclusion of extra gadgets to the crusher and its works as a time travelling machine really crazy

Funny Steampunk Monster

Steampunk Monster
Member reactions:
my vacuum cleaner did the same exact thing last week. nice .
Great inclusion of Laser beams fantastic chop with the lighting effects really like it
Awesome Work Silver-C. A very striking blend and perspective. Congratulations.
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Cool.
Way well done. Congrats on the silver. It's not really steam punk, I'd say much closer to Power-Punk
Wicked looking dude.. congrats silvercanine..
Silver congrats, silvercanine. Wild, amazing composition.
... Congratulations, Silvercanine. I want to take light performance class from you.

Funny Steampunk Spy Barack Obama in the Oval Office

Steampunk Spy Barack Obama in the Oval Office
New information confirms extensive Obama spying on Americans Not sure how much steam 0 has left, I am pretty sure about the punk part though.
Member reactions:
Great spying gadgets wear by Obama ... all modern equipments were used and Obama looks awesome as a detective
Thank you balodiya and rajeshstar. Spying on all of us is bad. Though not surprising with this President.
A lot of great work, hidden Looking Gooood.
Thank you pcrdds and gugulanul. One question to you both, How did you know what I won before it was posted.
Never mind, I see now that it was posted at the bottom of the page. Lol. I'm such a rookie at this site. ; )
Congrats for your silver cup Bmore, love the gadgets and especially the details of that desk.
Thank you UncleChamp. ; ) Glad you enjoyed.
Early Funkwoodish style here, very cool. Congrads on the cup.
Thanks Hitspinner, always liked the cut of Funkwoods jib. ; ) Thank you geriatric. : )
Silver Congrats Bmore. ... Very cool chopping ... A lot of great work paying off, you gotta love it. P.S. You can usually see the winning results posted on the actual contest page just prior to them being posted on the FN home page.
Thanks Qtrmoonshop. I just noticed the fact that we can see the results early. This time I think it was more because they stuck us at the very bottom of the page. Being lazy like water, I was refreshing the page without scrolling down. Lol. ; )

Funny Hand Inside a Steampunk Teapot

Hand Inside a Steampunk Teapot
Member reactions:
Excellent ... i can see the heart inside the tea pot this chop is made with heart lovely bubbles and freaky instruments blowing out the bubbles
Very creative tea-potting. Gotta love the bubbles here too. Congrats on the gold, funkster.

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