StarTed Wars
StarTed Wars
StarTed Wars. Member reactions:
Thank you, Hobbit you are very kind. Honestly It is not very important what place was taken Some picture is good, some is not. Real fun time when we are creating picture I think.

Funny Kids found a gun and started shooting practice from the window

Kids found a gun and started shooting practice from the window
Small kids - small problems. Big kids - big problems.
Member reactions:
I added one more kid. Without him picture was not complete.

Funny Reince Priebus started over in Democratic Party from scratch

Reince Priebus started over in Democratic Party from scratch
Reince Priebus started over in Democratic Party from low position

Funny They have to start from chess$$$$

They have to start from chess$$$$
Member reactions:
Congrats Andrew. I like the chess analogy
Thank you, gentlemen. What do you think, if Floyd used brick could be placed picture in the contest higher.



Funny Trump's waltzes are starting

Trump's waltzes are starting
Donald Trump Spoke With Taiwan’s Leader And China Is Not Pleased

Funny Gotta Start Somewhere

Gotta Start Somewhere

Funny Start Wars in Washington

Start Wars in Washington
A taste of 2015.
Member reactions:
Cheers Crafty and Joan Someone ordered a slice of congress.
Thanks Licianomorelli. Lots of innuendo going on. What with world tension and the US presidential race to be fought over too. I'm a Trekkie so Spock had to infiltrate as he sadly passed this year. Good luck if you entered.
Love how you perfectly combined the White House and Star Wars.
Ha. The farce Awakens... good one. I thought we had seen the last when they introduced that disastrous JaJa Binks and that terrible actor that played the teenage Vader. But, I hear they redeemed themselves with this resurrection. Fun chop.
Cheers Hitsy. New Imax just opened up the road. I will christain it with Starwars. More of a Trekkie meself.
Thanks Hitsy I responded but it doesn't show up on this page only on my personal page. Went to see Frid night. Enjoyed it.

Funny Mitch McConnell To Start Senate Fight Club

Mitch McConnell To Start Senate Fight Club
The first rule of Senate Fight Club is to tell absolutely everyone about Senate Fight Club. The second is to blame any problems with Congress' legislative inertia on anyone who's available.
Member reactions:
Awesome Looks so innocent. But nice body.
I find skin texture a bit excessive. IMO.
Funny. Pretty unique characterizing. Next time pick a democrat and you'll score higher here hahahahahaha. I am kidding, we're equal opportunity lampooning guerillas.
Lampooning guerillas. I love that. Stay tuned.

Funny Push Starting an Alien's Car

Push Starting an Alien's Car
Charlie lays out Reece's Pieces to lure tiny little aliens out of the shadows. Little did he know their mama was gonna need a push start. 29 Layers, Click To Enlarge
Member reactions:
Great job... good caricature get out of that area... like the big alien into the vehicle and kid scared
Thanks. I really wish this site would accept larger versions.
Actually Alien recharges from sunlight that's way he can not push the car...
Your Work is excellent. Please try to make it larger.
Impressive work. We accept images up to 500 KB in size. If you click the "unresized" link you will see your original submission 1807 x 1003 pixels
Clever the idea and awesome the caricatures. .
Outstanding job, Gig.. very close, with .002 difference in 4th and 5th..

Funny Push Start the Scooter

Push Start the Scooter
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of a push starting a scooter (image credit: Braden Gunem) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the kids push start other vehicles, putting the scooter driver into some new environment, using this scooter push starting image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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