Russian Stargate `If you don't care then we come to your house`
Russian Stargate `If you don't care then we come to your house`
Russian Stargate "If you don't care then we come to your house". Member reactions:
Congrats on the Wood, Wanderer. Putin's expression is great.

Funny Napoleon at the Stargate

Napoleon at the Stargate
Gate and ships Space
Member reactions:
Excellent. The blue hair looks nice. and he reminds me Putin here
Thank you Pcr, Newsy yes indeed he looks like Putin , Kellie, Raje, Balodiya, Krrish...thanks for the nice comments.
Congratulations Sunshin3. Always an enjoyable view to your world.

Funny Little Boy Crawling Around a Stargate

Little Boy Crawling Around a Stargate
Member reactions:
Neat association

Funny Stargate Man

Stargate Man
we'll fly someday between the stars without leaving home.

Funny Man Coming Through Stargate

Man Coming Through Stargate
Member reactions:
Nice concept. I'd choose a live person not a statue for a source though
I would have used a person and then faded half of him on the other side.

Funny Magnifying Glass Stargate

Magnifying Glass Stargate
Member reactions:
Ah Space 1999. that takes me back . good work
Great concept and execution cns. Love the water ripples and reflections. Congrats on the bronze.
Great work dude. I know there's a lot more where that came from. Cheers...(ps, why don't u shorten your name.... i can't pronounce it, ...)
Thank you everyone for voting and commenting im very happy to take this trophy.thank u.
first trophy)))))))...... congrats nice feeling hu..

Funny Kids Crossing Through Stargate

Kids Crossing Through Stargate
Member reactions:
Oh man I hate that show. THIS however is very good.
Love the sci-fi feel to it and how you made the girl crossing the gate (the wave-blur affect of teleporting)

Funny Leonardo da Vinci Stargate

Leonardo da Vinci Stargate
Da Vinci, inventor of Stargate.
Member reactions:
That's in St. Peter's, right. The quintessenial renaissance woman, beautiful.
looks an X-GEN. good idea, only the last supper destruct me a bit.
Technically a very decent job, but it seems like too many elements were added that it may look a bit too heavy for a viewer.

Funny Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis

Funny Stargate Apes

Stargate Apes
Stargate Apes SGA-3

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