Google Atlas Robot Wearing a Starbucks Apron
Google Atlas Robot Wearing a Starbucks Apron
Google Atlas Robot Wearing a Starbucks Apron. Google robot is 'the end of manual labor': VC
Member reactions:
Excellent, and I saw this robot in the news too (a cool video how it walks and runs).

Funny Starbucks G.I. Java Coffee

Starbucks G.I. Java Coffee
Howard Schultz (pictured) is CEO of Starbucks.

Funny Starbucks Toilet Camera

Starbucks Toilet Camera
Man sues Starbucks over restroom camera
Member reactions:
Great. Think I will use the Drive-Up window, only, from now on.
funny one all camera zooming on one target
Hahaha, this is what you get when you pay $4 for a cup of coffee.
Clever chop, and nice work, especially on the reflections

Funny McDonalds Starbucks Drive Through

McDonalds Starbucks Drive Through
Member reactions:
I love how you turned the Starbucks girl into clown.

Funny Starbucks Buck

Starbucks Buck
Starbucks meat products
Member reactions:
Great work here. Next time I go to the S's drive-up, I will drop off your picture.
Excellent concept. Gotta be one expensive star buck here.

Funny Starbucks Swim Suit Painting

Starbucks Swim Suit Painting
Member reactions:
Sweet work. Love the beans and the neanderthal dude in the background - he's probably thinkin' "who let the beans out of the jar."
Good one....... Excellent manipulation of the logo

Funny Starbucks Pub

Starbucks Pub
Member reactions:
Great play on the the brand name - bucks here, .
Congrats Rainman.. No one Can do a Better Beer Ad than Homer .
Love the Airbrush look... It's like out of Frank Copala's One From the Heart. Superb AZ
Congrats on the silver Rainman. Great chop

Funny Barack Obama Holding a Starbucks BlackBerry

Barack Obama Holding a Starbucks BlackBerry
Member reactions:
Congrats salis. great work and excellent concept. One of my fav in this contest
With all the bailout "bucks", everything should turn green.
Bronze congrats, Salis, you da man.
Love the perspective of this. Great job.
Congrats on the bronze salis, nice chop..

Funny Starbucks Bulb Ice Cream

Starbucks Bulb Ice Cream
elements: click Ice cream is more American than apple pie. Thomas Jefferson made ice cream at Monticello. George Washington loved ice cream. It is said that ice cream is not food, it is medicine, capable of curing melancholy and lifting spirits, drowning sorrows and bringing smiles to the most defeated of little soccer players.
Member reactions:
Solid concept and great blending of the elements. and Starbucks customers will not just get refreshed get but also get enlightened.

Funny Starbucks on Ice

Starbucks on Ice
Member reactions:
congrats on the gold wiz excellent work...great execution
Fabulous work, extra kudos for photo-realism here.
Congrats on the win, Wiz. It's your first gold with us, so drinks are on the house.
Text graphics this good are damn near impossible to top. Super Job... Photo realism........................
Congrats on the win Wiz. Perfect in every way.

Funny Starbucks Products

Starbucks Products
Starbucks is turning 40 next year, and possibly suffering from a mid-life crisis, since it decided to reinvent itself. The company executives said very soon you'll see a very different kind of Starbucks - it will serve regional wine and beer, and will offer an expansive plate of locally made cheeses served on china. Since Starbucks is reinventing itself and will be offering the new products, photoshop how any products would look if Starbucks made them. From Starbucks wine to Starbucks cars...

Funny Starbucks

This Tuesday all Starbucks shops across the country closed at precisely 5:30 p.m. for 3 hours. The reason was the scheduled retraining of the drink-making employees, known as baristas. Starbucks has seen better times - once a favorite of Wall Street, the company is now trying to increase sales to its past levels, and is closing over 100 shops with slow sales. Tuesday 3 hours employee retraining program was part of the struggle to increase sales and keep customers happy. Photoshop anything related to Starbucks. Some examples are: showing how life would be different if Starbucks ruled the world, changing Starbucks logo, designing new products that Starbucks might sell, methods to keep the company's revenue up, etc.

Funny McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks

McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks
Walmart, Starbucks, McDonalds, and any other store may appear in unusual places. Where will we see them next? Create images of any popular store in unusual places.

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