Star War Rampage
Star War Rampage
Star War Rampage. May The Force Be With You.
Member reactions:
Like it. And Rock working with a light saber,awesome.

Funny Star Wars' Back From Beyond Thunderdome

Star Wars' Back From Beyond Thunderdome
☺ "Images" ☺
Member reactions:
Me too, Gummy. Bet has something to do with those 💲3.2 million legs. 👢
Clean up on FN aisles #1 and #4, job well done.
Thank you kindly Luna, Reggie, Gummy, Bob and HH.😆 Thanks HH. I lost a few hours sleep on this one.
A well deserved Gold for the hours of work transforming "images" into a masterpiece.
Thanks Andrew, DD, and Reggie. Yep, I get into these things, look up and wonder where the time has gone. I am Happy it paid off. 💰 Thanks guys.
Very good chop, Congrats on your two wins, way to go.

Funny Star Wars Scary Movie

Star Wars Scary Movie

Funny The Death Star Looms...

The Death Star Looms...
The Death Star lurks behind innocent Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po.

Funny Star Wars Hillbillies

Star Wars Hillbillies
Member reactions:
Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) as Jethro. Just curious why you did that.
Like the contrast of Backwoods and Space Travel.
James Thurston Nabors (June 12, 1930 November 30, 2017) I wanted to too
Super Art, Hidden. Jim must be the driver in this war zone because he has the military experience over Max. (:
Or or or maybe a shape-shifting reptilian alien that did Gomer by mistake. Yeah thats the ticket Great Job Hidden.

Funny Death Star Droid

Death Star Droid
Member reactions:
I love this piece, I gave it 10. Congrats Manosart

Funny KimJong Un Death Star Controller

KimJong Un Death Star Controller

Funny KJU vs Death Star

KJU vs Death Star

Funny Death Star Bowl

Death Star Bowl
Darth Vader is hosting a charity football match for new death start construction fond
Member reactions:
I take it by the ball this is European football aka Soccer. Nice shadows.
Thanks Wanderer
Thanks Crafty1, I made clone quarterback by pieces, using a base model, then I shadowed the members

Funny Death Star video game

Death Star video game

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