Mona Lisa Sports Glasses
Mona Lisa Sports Glasses
Mona Lisa Sports Glasses. Mona Lisa wears a pair of fetching glasses.
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There are shadows, but getting the size small enough to be accepted by the website eliminated those shadows.

Funny Dino sport

Dino sport
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Very nice job Loth, congratz on the Bronze.
Very well done. Congrats on the bronze... Fine lookin chop

Funny Pirate Sports Center

Pirate Sports Center
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Lots of work here - silver congrats s-chick.

Funny High Rise Extreme Sports with Invisible Men

High Rise Extreme Sports with Invisible Men

Funny Prince Harry's Favorite Sports

Prince Harry's Favorite Sports

Funny Dinosaur Sprint Sports

Dinosaur Sprint Sports
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Best running training. The original view me likes a lot.

Funny Dinosaur Valut Sports

Dinosaur Valut Sports
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Excellent, I would consider adding slight motion blur here

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Driving His Sports Car

Leonardo Da Vinci Driving His Sports Car

Funny Leisure Sports Extreme napping

Leisure Sports Extreme napping

Funny Gizmo in a Sports Car

Gizmo in a Sports Car
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Good job, but the gremlins and the car need some shadows

Funny Invisible Sports

Invisible Sports
Professional athlete career is very short. In figure skating and gymnastics most athletes retire in their 20s. The reason is not just that it's harder to compete against the younger athletes, but also that virtually all "professionals" get multiple sports injuries which gradually accumulate and make it impossible for them to perform on the same levels. Thus, sadly, most sports stars we admire now, will suddenly "disappear" before they turn 30. To show how athletes can suddenly disappear from sports, make them invisible in their uniforms in any kind of sports. Many thanks to jeremix for the themepost.

Funny Dino Sports

Dino Sports
An alternative theory of dinosaur extinction says they were not wiped out by some earth catastrophe, but simply could not compete with the newly evolved animals - the mammals. Dinosaurs could not outrun, outjump, or outswim mammals when it came to catching food. Nor could they safeguard their nests and eggs from fast moving mammals, and gradually declined in numbers. All in all, dinosaurs were not sporty enough to compete with mammals and lost the evolution game. Photoshop how dinosaurs COULD be great athletes who loved to play sports - show dinosaurs in any kinds of sports. Many thanks to Hitspinner for the themepost.

Funny Fat Sports

Fat Sports
When it comes to obesity, professional athletes are the last people to get obese, since they have to stay fit to perform. .  Let us show how famous sports celebrities would look performing if they got fat.  PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. Many thanks to, Hitspinner for the themepost

Funny Animal Sports

Animal Sports
Thailand now entertains its tourists with a barbaric show - orangutan kick-boxing. The apes kickbox each other as a spectacle for tourists in a show lasting more than 30 minutes, before being returned to their dark cages. Other orangutans, dressed in bikinis, are trained as round card girls and bell ringers. Photoshop animals participating in any official sports. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Pirate Sports

Pirate Sports
September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. 'Celebrations' of this Day started 1995 by John Baur ("Ol' Chumbucket") and Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy"), of the United States, who declared that on this day everyone should talk like a true pirate. The parodic tradition caught on and turned into a yearly holiday, to the great joy of the pirate fans all over the world. So remember when you see your co-workers this Friday, instead of usual "Hello" greet them with "Ahoy, me hearty!" Take any official sports (or casual sports activities like jogging) and turn them into pirate sports. Arrrrr, photoshop, mateys! Reckon th' best sea dog in this contest will win DUBLOON! The second best buccaneer will get th' silver, th' third one th' bronze, an' th' fourth one some wood! Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

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