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Funny Sport Pictures

Katy Perry sporting her new lookFunny Katy Perry sporting her new look
Member reactions:
Embracing the bearded look.
Hahahahaha Rajesh, you are young, it is the hormones, son Nice job as always.

Changing sportFunny Changing sport
Member reactions:

This is clean... and good work on changing the new uniform color like it

The sports versionFunny The sports version
Member reactions:
A fast cup please

Dr. Putin: `Do Sport  or Take Viagra!` Funny Dr. Putin: `Do Sport or Take Viagra!`
Member reactions:

Do Sport or Take Viagra
Watch your use of simple drop shadows, hidden.
I have noticed a theme here Funny chop

Who is charge of sports?Funny Who is charge of sports?
Member reactions:

I dig the illusion, it is nice. But somehow lost the 3 dimensionality, Gonna study this one for a bit. I've run into the same, recently

Sports Car ModelingFunny Sports Car Modeling
Member reactions:

Perfect placement, it looks like an original picture. Clean work so nice

TennisBowl... new sport, BAD idea!Funny TennisBowl... new sport, BAD idea!
Member reactions:

Yes this would be the result of playing that ball with Tennis bat nice shadow chopping also
Awesome idea, with professional chop. well done
Another great one from Snoopy. Me likes a lot.
Thanks everyone, was fun as usual. And thanks for all the support

New Olympic SportFunny New Olympic Sport
Member reactions:

High jumping a horse, very tricky and dangerous.
if you find a better horse pic, that is really cool.
shadows, shadows, shadows. everybody's got them. except vampires. and charlie sheen. seriously i was going to vote very high before i noticed that. i had to take a bit off but it's a really good piece but for that.
Agree with Moya re shadows. A glossier horse would really improve this image.

Water SportsFunny Water Sports
Member reactions:

Pretty girl watching..
Be better if an Olympic pool had been used.
Yeah this sport will get the highest TRP ratings

Le Sports BarFunny Le Sports Bar
Member reactions:

Fantabouls job done like the idea of putting Snookers in the Sports room

Rejected Winter Sports - Sochi 2014Funny Rejected Winter Sports - Sochi 2014 - As the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are getting closer, lets recall that Sochi is one of the warmest subtropical spots in Russia - winters there are very warm and often snow-less. Putin said he guaranteed snow there this year, even if he would have to bring it by helicopters from the surrounding regions. Luckily, he did not have to do it, but there was a lot of jokes in the Russian blogsphere how these winter sports would be played in the absence of snow. Let us think of some new sport disciplines that could (or could not) be added to the winter Olympics. Create any winter sports that definitely would not make it to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. Many thanks to pcrdds for the contest idea.

Sports-Car RacingFunny Sports-Car Racing - Photoshop this photo of this racing sports-car any way you wish. Some examples are: Show change the racing driver, merge the sports car with other objects, use this sports-car racing image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jiř Nedorost for providing the source photo.

Snail SportsFunny Snail Sports - Snail racing has been a popular event for many years, especially popular in China where people like to place bets on snails. World Snail Racing Championships have been held for 28 years at Congham, Norfolk, UK. The 2012 world snail racing championship was held on 18th August 2012 and the winner was a snail called Racer owned and trained by Sue, aged 5, from King's Lynn. Racer completed the course in 3 minutes 20 seconds. Photoshop snails in any kind of sport activity.

Animal SportsFunny Animal Sports - Thailand now entertains its tourists with a barbaric show - orangutan kick-boxing. The apes kickbox each other as a spectacle for tourists in a show lasting more than 30 minutes, before being returned to their dark cages. Other orangutans, dressed in bikinis, are trained as round card girls and bell ringers. Photoshop animals in any sports. Here's a good example by Lyina.

Wrong SportsFunny Wrong Sports - Just recently, Rio de Janeiro was elected host of the 2016 Summer Olympics after a heated debate and high-profile presentations from the leaders of the four finalists. As Rio is preparing to provide the best possible environment for the 2016 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee announced that two sports - golf and rugby - are added to the Olympic sports and will be played at the 2016 games in Rio. It will be the first time golf has been played at the Olympics in over a century and the first time rugby has been played at the Olympics since 1924. Take any sports and change it any way you wish. Some examples are: changing sports rules, merging two sports, changing sports equipment, tools, playgrounds, environment, etc. Many thanks to RealMeert for the contest concept.

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