Mr Bean Crashes His Sports Car
Mr Bean Crashes His Sports Car
Mr Bean Crashes His Sports Car. Mr. Bean survives after crashing million dollar sports car
Member reactions:
Funny work, did u make all the windscreen cracks also. Huge effort.
Oh boy. He can afford to crash such cars. Great chop

Funny Sport Mad Barack Obama

Sport Mad Barack Obama
Obama’s March Madness
Member reactions:
That Chicken**** is on the run, again. Conceptually sound and nice work, also.
This chop is, still, funny a day later; good luck.
Maksim excellent work... congrats..
Professionally chopped. I like the caricature style you chose here

Funny Apple Sports Car

Apple Sports Car
The Fiero Lives
Member reactions:
could've added the logo to the car's reflection too
whooligan: Car's reflection shows the old, classic car, and the top car is an Apple remake, so they need to be different enough, not just reflections of each other. Great chop by the way.
Thanks NM for explaining it...couldn't have said it better

Funny Olympic Sporting Ambition

Olympic Sporting Ambition
Member reactions:
Superb. Now, where's he touching that girl, you naughty boy.
I like the "graffiti" LoL Someone's going 4 Gold Gr8 wk
Great work , I noted that too Newsy , what about this words ( Funkwood was here ) . you mean he will stole that cup .
........... ........... ........... (translation: JERE2, JERE2, JERE2)
Another great chop. Luv all the super details.
, the Funkwood prophecy came true. Wood congrats, too, Jere.
Oh , I missed the "funkwood was here" bit.....hahaha....awesome.
jeremix great work i love your style. congrats
oops i thought I commented on this, Congrats jeremix, very clean chop mate.

Funny Wind Sports at the Beach

Wind Sports at the Beach

Funny Blazeball Sport

Blazeball Sport
I did this as a cover for a screenplay a buddy of mine had written. Blazeball Is a futuristic sport that combines football, soccer and basketball all while using a ball that is on fire. It was actually really well-written and cool.
Member reactions:
That would also make a great graphic novel. I want to see this on film, but Tom Cruise must at least co-star.
No, not Tom Cruise... Anybody but, Please.
Looks cool but need a than instead of then.
Reminds me of the the game Joey and Chandler invented in the 'Ultimate Fireball' episode of Friends.
Great work. I am sure your buddy was thrilled with it too.

Funny Earth Wind and Fire Football Sports Poster

Earth Wind and Fire Football Sports Poster
A tribute to the GIANT trio. For those who don't know, the New York Football Giants have the best trio of running backs in the NFL right now. They call them Earth Wind and Fire.

Funny Winter Sports in a Monet Painting

Winter Sports in a Monet Painting

Funny Full Contact Ice Fishing Sport

Full Contact Ice Fishing Sport
Member reactions:
I like it a lot. Nicely done, and funny. Nice masking, just the slightest hint of a hard edge around the blue and white players face. but very slight and maybe just my imagination.
Thank you pegleg. There is no masking. The head was cut out with the pen tool.
sorry, I just refer to any extraction as "masking" whichever method you prefer, just my slang. I smell a gold here maybe. I think it's great.
You may want to try using the clone tool to get a cleaner edge, otherwise nice job.

Funny Michael Jordan in Sports Illustrated

Michael Jordan in Sports Illustrated
Member reactions:
Effective work. Would actually make a nice magazine cover.

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