Ghost Under a Spooky Pi
Ghost Under a Spooky Pi
Ghost Under a Spooky Pi.

Funny Spooky Witch at Halloween

Spooky Witch at Halloween
Inspired by the song - and the season. Enjoy.
Member reactions:
Dreamy. The Girl looks like Christina Applegate...
like the theme the darkest hour she calls us
Very well done … Splat is right about the resemblance to Christina A … I wish we could see your sources … Here's the link you've attached

Funny The Monster's Spooky Truck

The Monster's Spooky Truck
Cause monsters like mudding too

Funny Spooky Mr Bean

Spooky Mr Bean
Created with details taken from more than 30 pics.
Member reactions:
I like this image and face expression is very danger,Good work
Bean looks terrific.... Like the bullet shot and the hand print on his chest really awesome
Awesame caricature. I think near the boundary, a bigger forcing and mr bean could be quite unrecognizable.
This is probably the scariest chop of Mr. Bean I've seen. He reminds me Gollum here. Many details, Hidden. Hats off.
Great job. It looks like the same source Ricky used, just reversed and modified. Congrats on the wood my friend
Awesome work Pix, Congratulations on the Trophy.

Funny Spooky Still of the Night

Spooky Still of the Night
Inspired by the song Still of the Night
Member reactions:
So, is it a kind of hallucination. Dress needed a subtle shading under it. Try it next time.

Funny Spooky Old House

Spooky Old House
Member reactions:
what Kellie said , love the Jason Voorhees warning sign.
I think it's really frightening ... Very good
Straight from the horror stories. Good job
This one is ready for a horror movie poster. Creeeeeeeepy.
You had some pretty good ones to compete against. Nice work.
Thanks guys. yeah some awesome ones in this comp

Funny Spooky Street

Spooky Street
Just dump it anywhere really, Its whats probably going to happen
Member reactions:
...probably what IS happening Gr8 pic.
The symbol on the drums is technically a biohazard symbol, for example used on medical waste: biohazard symbol history radiation symbol history A top notch chop even if not technically correct. Trust me, I work at a nuke plant. Both types of waste suck and aren't going away anytime soon.
I found your source image , nice blood effects. like the mandalorian graffiti too
Artistic stuff. I wish the symbol wa more visible.
Congrats on your first medal... errr, woody Monster. Cool Chop.
Congratulations on your first trophy, Monster. it's your first woody
Thank You all of you It means a lot to me Just wondering but how many people saw the mans shadow on thw wall in the center of the image.

Funny Spooky Old Manor

Spooky Old Manor

Funny Spooky House by a Graveyard

Spooky House by a Graveyard
Any comments would be welcome. Thanks
Member reactions:
Sweet work. Spooky too. Love the ghost in the window.

Funny Obama's Lunch Meeting in Spooky Forest

Obama's Lunch Meeting in Spooky Forest
"Subways are EVERYWHERE these days." "Can I count on the Subway vote."
Member reactions:
I can see the both behind the trees staring at Obama who is eating their lunch very funny

Funny Spooky Earth Visitor

Spooky Earth Visitor
A skull-shaped asteroid is expected to zip by in November this year. In mid-November, the asteroid will make its second flyby past Earth since it was discovered just beyond the moon as it went pass Earth on Oct 31. Officially known as 2018TB145, it spends most of its time beyond Mars and Jupiter, but its orbit brings it close to Earth every 3.04 years.. Researchers hope to get the opportunity to learn more about the rock, considered "potentially hazardous" by NASA because of its close approaches. In 2015, the asteroid came within 300,000 miles of Earth---as a gauge, the moon is 239,000 miles away. So far, experts have gathered the asteroid is around 2,100 feet wide, rotates once every three to five hours, and looks like a skull from some angles. There have been a few artist renditions of the asteroid, but we're the pro's here. So let us create our own versions of what the "Skull Shaped Asteroid”  will  look like as it passed by Earth. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

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