Stella and Campbell's - sponsors of Russian Army
Stella and Campbell's - sponsors of Russian Army
Stella and Campbell's - sponsors of Russian Army. Member reactions:
Thank you. Military contest was not very popular this time.

Funny Freakingnews Racing Sponsor

Freakingnews Racing Sponsor

Funny Vaseline New Presidential Sponsor

Vaseline New Presidential Sponsor
Millions face shrinking Social Security payments
Member reactions:
This is really the truth... and it's probably the only way his group is going to shove the new socialized meds down our throats.
Grown men shouldnt ... on them self, THANKS. I loved it

Funny McDonalds Sponsoring American Chopper

McDonalds Sponsoring American Chopper
Hamburgler awards American McChopper with a trophy.
Member reactions:
One of the most creative entries in the contest - check the brilliantly done tattoo with Speedee.

Funny Sponsor

Taking a page from NASCAR, greyhound owners have looked to corporate sponsorship to increase sagging attendance at the races.
Member reactions:
Well that's one way to get sponsorship...

Funny Diamond Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor

Funny Army Uniform Sponsors

Army Uniform Sponsors
In an effort to defray taxpayer costs, the army has taken up corporate sponsorship.
Member reactions:
Sadly, this wouldn't surprise me. Good one.

Funny Olympic Sponsors

Olympic Sponsors
This is my first submittal. Hope you enjoy.
Member reactions:
Very nice, I like this. You don't want a critique, so I won't tell you that the Viagra text distortion is excellent, and the photoshopping is very carefully done. Nice work.
And now I'm going to Disneyland... Nice work.
hehe, the subtle "viagra" is funny, nice chop.
Thanks alot, I wasn't paying attention when I submitted it and actually wanted comments, especially complimentary ones such as yours. thanks J.

Funny Keep Smoking and We Will Sponsor Your Funeral

Keep Smoking and We Will Sponsor Your Funeral
Inscripted : "Your name can be here. Want to get your own stone. Keep smoking and we'll sponsor your funeral"

Funny Royal Wedding Sponsor Advertising

Royal Wedding Sponsor Advertising
Shamelessly letting sponsors pay for the party
Member reactions:

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