Sponge Bob Turtle Neck
Sponge Bob Turtle Neck
Sponge Bob Turtle Neck. I know, at first glance you're probably thinking this was really quick and easy. Well.... yeah, OK I guess it was, kinda-sorta. But remember, the Theory of Relativity is simple and elegant too.
Member reactions:
Thanks. It started out as a joke, but now I kind of like it

Funny Vitruvian Sponge Bob

Vitruvian Sponge Bob
Member reactions:
Excellent idea, you should add some blurring and noise to give the sensation of an old craft

Funny Gary the Snail with Sponge Bob

Gary the Snail with Sponge Bob
Source: http://imageshack.us/m/710/5719/garycopy.jpg
Member reactions:
The shell looks a little pixelated, but I like the ""-ing Spongebob very much

Funny Sponge Bob Cleaning Up Oil Spill

Sponge Bob Cleaning Up Oil Spill
Member reactions:
VERY funny chop...send your idea to BP immediately.
This is funny. I love SBob and was thinking about doing a SBob chop for this contest
hahahahhahahha, still funny as heck even after the 100th view.

Funny The Great Boston Sponge Project to Soak Flood

The Great Boston Sponge Project to Soak Flood
Member reactions:
In another news, Sponge Bob is running for mayor of Boston...
... That is the first thing that popped into my mind too.
Loofah Rig No.1 (also known as the Incredible Hull)

Funny Sponge head

Sponge head
Spongehead shoes
Member reactions:
Cute, could do with being bigger I think, for more impact.
Yes, bigger would have been nicer. Still, quite well done and this is one that would probably sell

Funny Sponge

Member reactions:
I'm sorry. This shows up pretty dark, even in full view and I can't tell what it is.

Funny Sponge Beer

Sponge Beer
Member reactions:
I love it. Love the picture on the wall and the reflection of Patrick on the table, too.

Funny Sponge worthy

Sponge worthy
Member reactions:
.. I knew someone had to do something like this.

Funny Sponge bear

Sponge bear
Give me all your candy. Preferably all of your Bit-O-Honey.

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