Spock Yoda
Spock Yoda
Spock Yoda. Member reactions:
Combining Spock logic and Yoda backward talk could danger spell.
Excellent concept and execution grats on Top 5.

Funny American Favorite Vulcan Mr Spock

American Favorite Vulcan Mr Spock
Member reactions:
good thinking, try to work with the colors and it will look muuuch better.

Funny Goodbye Mr Spock

Goodbye Mr Spock
Goodbye Mr Spock. Thank you for all the years of entertainment you gave us.
Member reactions:
Yes, very neat and very clean, Christine.

Funny Mr Spock's Cousin Abe Lincoln

Mr Spock's Cousin Abe Lincoln
Spock was half human and his relations on Earth are mourning, too -- even those who had to hide their identity while living their "human" lives.
Member reactions:
I disagree. A man is not an island. This is not Spock, but it IS about Spock and is a tribute to him. Clearly.
It's a great chop, but I don't get what Lincoln and Spock have in common.
Spock had a human mother. In my chop, I'm suggesting that Lincoln had a Vulcan parent, perhaps Spock's uncle and that he and Lincoln were cousins. But SPOCK WAS HALF HUMAN. Okay. You have to understand, I didn't make that up: Gene Roddenbury did. My idea is that Lincoln was a cousin of Spock, is still living, but pretending to be passed away because well, I guess because of when he lived on Earth, the idea of space travel was only imagined. When Spock is born in 2230 (or so), it's known on Earth that we're not alone (ask Gene). You'll note that Lincoln seems to be in outer space, yes. And he's wearing a Federation Badge. He's one of them, Swashie, he's ONE OF THEM da da duh. (Cue: X-Files Music.)
Clever entry, and I liked your background explanation too, Icy

Funny Old Spock Painting

Old Spock Painting
Member reactions:
Your comment encouraged me, thank AzureSky.

Funny Spock & The Star Trek Crew Old Photo

Spock & The Star Trek Crew Old Photo
Traveling in time, Spock and the original crew of the Starship Enterprise visit the 1880's Wild West and are captured on film.
Member reactions:
Love the retro angle you too here. Clever.

Funny Mr Spock the Eternal Warrior for the Logical

Mr Spock the Eternal Warrior for the Logical
Vita Est Nihil Sine Logica (Life is nothing without logic) reads the Coat of Arms of Spock, the eternal warrior for logic, enemy of the random, champion of an ordered Universe.

Funny Farewell Mr Spock

Farewell Mr Spock

Funny Spock Walking in the Clouds

Spock Walking in the Clouds
Member reactions:
I think this is great, even though Spock was Jewish. One can be both Jewish and a Christian, which is, of course, subject to a higher judge.
This means "have a foot in both camps". Why not .
A Jewish Christian is a contradiction in terms.
Hahahahahaha the best... That mad me chuckle and I needed a chuckle.

Funny Spock Says Farewell

Spock Says Farewell
He lived rather long, he most likely prospered, he will surely be remembered. Vulcan heaven. Highly irrational.
Member reactions:
The caricature is first rate, but not the ring thing for me.
Awesome. Maybe you can make rings transparent.
What can I say. During my last near death experience that's what the light I was walking towards looked like. ; )
A very nice and well done tribute. Nice work.

Funny Remembering Spock

Remembering Spock
American actor Leonard Nimoy died in Los Andeles following a long battle with a lung disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Nimoy was best known for his iconic role of Mr. Spock in the Star Trek series. Doctors said the lung disease he had is a result of Nimoy's heavy smoking for decades. He stopped smoking over 30 years ago, but his lungs were already damaged. Millions of Star Trek fans mourn his death today. Nimoy's last tweet was on February 23: "Life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." RIP Leonard, you will be missed. To pay tributes to Leonard Nimoy, photoshop him any way you wish.

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