Ancient Spirits
Ancient Spirits
Ancient Spirits. Member reactions:
Sort of looks like a watercolor at first glance. Good job.
Thanks Reg and Hits 😎👍🏼

Funny We Got Spirit, Yes We Do

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do
Member reactions:
They are not cute. But I have only had 1 beer... so far.
It would take a few beers and a bottle of wine, good comment SplatShot.
At least their not all pregnant. Bronze Grats
They can cheer for France now Lol. Congrats on the Bronze Ollie.

Funny The Spirit

The Spirit
The Spirit
Member reactions:
Nice Work, Mundo. One of the most interesting images in this contest.

Funny Spirit Bear in the River Digital Art

Spirit Bear in the River Digital Art
The Spirit Bear can be found in British Columbia, Canada. The bear gets its beautiful white coat from a recessive gene carried by the black bears of British Columbia. It is truly a beautiful bear. digital art.
Member reactions:
Excellent harmony of the colors, subject, and perspective.
Good work here nice background with blur effective 3d kinda art work here

Funny Mayor Bing & 'The Spirit of Detroit'

Mayor Bing & 'The Spirit of Detroit'
Detroit's Bankruptcy

Funny Spirit of the Violin

Spirit of the Violin
* VivalDiana, romantic spirit of the vintage violin * VivalDiana,the violin spirit flowing along water

Funny Terry Jones Evil Flame Spirit

Terry Jones Evil Flame Spirit
Terry Jones - From Nobody To Notorious
Member reactions:
He's a misguided nutcase just like the idiots he's ... ing off Nice flame job by the way.

Funny Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom
For credits visit: Thank you...
Member reactions:
Bummer-a larger image for FULL view would have been nice. High marks HIDDEN.
the work with the water is stunning. very nice
Congrats on the wood ZiiZii, beautiful image. Awesome job.
Wood for ZiiZii, congrats on the beautifully done piece.

Funny Soldier Hunting Evil Spirit Woman

Soldier Hunting Evil Spirit Woman
Member reactions:
Really nice picture and great composition, but it's the kind of chops that makes me want to see the sources used. Obviously, the 'hunter' and the Harpy were not made by the same artist, so, I guess that the (nicely done) Harpy is one of your personal creations, but it's hard to tell for the other elements in this picture.
back ground and harpy are mine, hunter is a plastic figurine "GIjoe style"... testing out an old laptop and 22inch screen and colours are all warped atm, its anoyying me to death cant get it right yet
I have no idea why this is not in the top 4. Pro chop, Sid. I thought it was AZ, returned from sabatical
I agree with hitspinner , great work my friend

Funny The Spirit of Oliver Reed

The Spirit of Oliver Reed
Member reactions:
I feel like having a cold one right now... and I'll start seeing ghosts.

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