The Spinach Meal
The Spinach Meal
The Spinach Meal. Eat more spinach.Please view full.

Funny Spinach with E. Coli Can Toilet

Spinach with E. Coli Can Toilet
It keeps you going and going and going... Sources
Member reactions:
I just have to say this can of Popeye Spinach is freaking awesome.
From the can to the can.
I was not a big fan of spinach to start with, but after looking at this entry, I'm sure I'll never in my life eat it again. Brilliant entry.

Funny Osama Bin Laden After Eating Spinach

Osama Bin Laden After Eating Spinach
Member reactions:
An image that works in two concurrent FN contests.
Spinach was hired and finally did this contract job
I'm guessing you couldn't deside which contest to put this in. Nice work.

Funny Spinach For Fish Food

Spinach For Fish Food
This is what happened when I fed my goldfish that new spinach goldfish food.
Member reactions:
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Popeye the sailor fish.
want to see the shadow of fish in floor. but still nice idea
Like this "fishy" entry a lot. I think bubbles from the pipe would be a nice addition.

Funny Popeye Meets Montezuma with Mexican Spinach

Popeye Meets Montezuma with Mexican Spinach
I yam what I eat. source
Member reactions:
Excellent job on the Poopeye movie poster. Very nice blending job.
Love the name. Excellent job matching the textures.
Many great details here. FN goes into movie business.
good job. By the way olive oil is holding her stomach she got into popeye's stash. :0

Funny Popeye Eating Spinach

Popeye Eating Spinach
Its OK To Eat Spinach.
Member reactions:
i think this is so funny , but the spinash leave have a too shocking green color compared with the rest of the ad.

Funny the spinach works!

the spinach works!

Funny Natalie Portman with Spinach Skin

Natalie Portman with Spinach Skin
portman finds her skins and innerbody turned into tree due to eating more spinach (fake news)
Member reactions:
nice texture, natalie portman looks like chernobyl disaster

Funny E. Coli Symptoms After Eating Spinach

E. Coli Symptoms After Eating Spinach
An Advance Case Of E.Coli Effect
Member reactions:
Thats gotta be a case from California.....
I just washed my hair, and can't do a thing with it.
I just mowed my hair & can't do a thing with it.

Funny E Coli Free Spinach

E Coli Free Spinach
Member reactions:
If my boys saw this in real life, they would want it. Cute idea.

Funny Spinach and E. Coli

Spinach and E. Coli
[ The outbreak of E. coli linked to the spinach has made at least 166 people sick in 25 states. However, The Food and Drug Administration says that eating spinach is safe as long as it doesn't come from California's Salinas Valley. ] Later FDA added that all side effects that eating spinach may cause at this time start with "diar" and end with "rhea". Also, few people know that in FDA dictionary "safe" means "you'll stay alive if yer lucky". Years ago I attended an FDA conference where they said: "Eat more spinach, it'll put color in your cheeks." But dare I ask, how many of you want green cheeks, and brown butt-cheeks? In this contest you are asked to photoshop how spinach infected with E Coli may affect our society. Examples include creating miracle diets, products, weapons, paintings or advertisements based on E. Coli infected spinach.

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