Spilled Milk
Spilled Milk
Spilled Milk. Khariton Platonov “Peasant Girl” -1876
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The simplest of my three, but my favorite.

Funny Victoria Has Spilled Her Secret

Victoria Has Spilled Her Secret
Lindsay Ellingson, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes
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Uh..oh these are Freaks. I like the chest hair. (:
Top5congrats, Gummy. I like the one with the beard and brest hair.

Funny Mopping The Floors of Spilt Blood in the CIA

Mopping The Floors of Spilt Blood in the CIA
Perfect example of presidents that cover up the blood that has been spilt at their hand.
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Looks real. The blood footprints are a clever touch.

Funny BP Oil Spill Caused by UFO

BP Oil Spill Caused by UFO
Edward Snowden also leaked some info about UFOs too.
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Looks like it could have popped up on the TV or monitor for real. Nice
Fantastic response time. My hats off to the rescue team.
Looks bit real well done in mixing the fire and the UFO
This sure looks familiar. I must have seen the original documents, but senility has since set in (ha).

Funny Neverland Oil Spill Portal on Beach

Neverland Oil Spill Portal on Beach

Funny People Using Q-Tips To Clean Up Oil Spill

People Using Q-Tips To Clean Up Oil Spill
Member reactions:
. It'd still be more effective than all the BP efforts.

Funny Giant Tampon Fixes Oil Spill

Giant Tampon Fixes Oil Spill

Funny Sponge Bob Cleaning Up Oil Spill

Sponge Bob Cleaning Up Oil Spill
Member reactions:
VERY funny chop...send your idea to BP immediately.
This is funny. I love SBob and was thinking about doing a SBob chop for this contest
hahahahhahahha, still funny as heck even after the 100th view.

Funny Giant Kleenex Cleaning Up Oil Spill

Giant Kleenex Cleaning Up Oil Spill
Not just for killing giant spiders or cleaning up after Ron Jeremy anymore.
Member reactions:
Love it. I think it is a good idea since nothing else works.
nice clean bright yellow colours... cool.
Fantastic concept and execution; I would just add BP logo to the copter.
oh my Newsy... came in too late, now u mentioned it i woulda had a blast most likely changing the whole chopper green and chucking some inverted color bp logo's on it ... next oil spill its on
Congrats on the silver SidKain, great idea and well done
Beautiful background source and oil soaked beach. I want some for my next cold. Nice work, congrats.
hahahahhaha, congrats, I thought this was gonna take it.
ty gang. KIR, thanks, background is 3 sources and chopper was set on blue sky, so was easy to mask then replace left over blue feathering with a dark yellowy brown to hide bad masking and match new background
Does Ron Jeremy use Kleenex brand. I've been using a generic and experiencing spillage. Thanks for the TIP. GREAT CLEAN WORK.

Funny Bp Oil Spill Kills Animals

Bp Oil Spill Kills Animals
the so called spill is larger then my town and the town next to me.. its over 3 miles,, 3 miles of plankton.. 3 miles of dolphins,, 3 miles of whales,,birds ,angel fish , sharks,, and this 3 miles of hell, can travel. so its multiplied by the distance it travels.. it will cover the oceans ..the reefs ,, the home for millions of sea creatures. .. some we have yet to even discover...it will be swept up in the clouds . and cover the land,, it will oxygen deprive the plant life.. anyone getting the picture.. this is a planet altering event.. picture source
Member reactions:
awesome,the whale spouting fiery oil is rally cool
i wasnt sure anyone could see that because of size requirements. thanks andwhat this event has really effected me
Great Pic. yes im greatly effected too. The needless suffering and death of countless life forms, ahh mankind does it again. bp should, should,.... go back in time. i hate the faceless industries. we dont deserve the wonderful natural world we are crapping on at every chance we get...
Very well done & so incredibly sad & miserable a situation.
I saw that pelican pic in my local paper today Just so sad Nice chop hidden.....says it all.
i cried for a long time after i saw that bird, i couldnt look into his eyes,but i decided to dedicate this and forever his would be remembered
looks like ,the bird are going to blow oils too.... great job. nice idea.
Good work
Top job Pree, congrads on a chop well done
Congrats on the gold preemiememe, awesome chop. Well done.
awesome piece, for a tragic scene the colours are beautiful, grats
A real beauty Pree. Congrats on your win.
thank you everyone im happy to win,,but what a sad event to try to portray
by the way * im looking to go to volunteer to help with the birds and other wildlife, i sent some emails out and ill let you all know whats happening.
Amazing chop Pree. Congrats on firts from the bee. bzzzzzzzz.

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