Russian Spiderman dancing with some help
Russian Spiderman dancing with some help
Russian Spiderman dancing with some help.

Funny trudeau the amazing spiderman

trudeau the amazing spiderman
used about 20 renders on this and alot of paint
Member reactions:
You know, I didn't know how to judge this one with comic book art and realism. Notice I did the same thing on the Jenner chop. And I had absolutely no idea how to vote for that one either. Glad I didn't have to. I think it is cool mixing the two. I have done it before with Obama and Superman but amped up the reality factor on the comic are and pulled down the realism to match in the middle. Took a New Jersey of a lot of work, so I'm not inclined to do it very often. This is really good work for crossing mediums. We should do more, it's challenging. Anyway Top 5 kudos, this could have easily scored a cup Cheers

Funny Spiderman at Halloween

Spiderman at Halloween
Images Model Photographer: Marcus Ranum
Member reactions:
Thanks, Crafty. Welcome back. Thanks, Gummy. Yes it tis.
Thanks very much, Joan. I just slapped some stuff together trying to keep things a but surreal this time. Glad you like it.
Wish I could "Slap Stuff" that good. Grats bro.
Grats on the win. That dramatic studio lighting is trumping my vibrant approach every time. I guess I'm just stuck in the 60s Very nice comp
Thank you very much, Bob, Gummy, Hits, and Debbie. Lol... Gummy I've seen you slap some pretty good stuff. Thanks Hits ... From what I see, I'd say the 60's are working pretty well for you. Thanks for all the great comments and votes everyone. You make this fun.
Gold Congrats, SplatShot . Great Mystery picture
Congrats on the gold, very nice Halloween Pic.
Congrats on the gold, you're ready for Halloween.
Thanks Andrew, Hobbit, and Evirio. Yeah...Halloween is the Choppers peak Season.
Congrats on the gold, Splat. Thanks for the eye candy.
Thank you Newsy. Thanks for the site, contest and the Faves.
SplatShot Mucho welcome

Funny Spiderman Climbing Out of the TV

Spiderman Climbing Out of the TV

Funny Kid Dressed as Spiderman Shoots a Web at Barack Obama

Kid Dressed as Spiderman Shoots a Web at Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature....... funny to see Putin angry face

Funny Spiderman Kid Tries to Stop Obama Smoking

Spiderman Kid Tries to Stop Obama Smoking

Funny SpiderMan Kid in the Pub with the Obamas

SpiderMan Kid in the Pub with the Obamas
Member reactions:
Nice caricature... lovely couple together
Excellent chop but beer's price looks too high.

Funny Hanging a Painting of Spiderman

Hanging a Painting of Spiderman
Member reactions:
thanks for the great comments. Thanks NM
Super Clean. Great honey-comb wall design, DDB.

Funny The Amazing Old Spiderman

The Amazing Old Spiderman
full view plz...

Funny Green Spiderman

Green Spiderman
Member reactions:
Green spiderman - he is toxic and kills all the flies
Spidey gone green today.... like this new costume

Funny Spiderman

Spiderman 3 movie is about to hit American theaters. In the film, all goes well until Spiderman puts on a mysterious black suit that increases his power, but stirs hidden feelings of bitterness and revenge. Then he starts firing US attorneys... In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to Spiderman. Examples may include movie posters, products, or paintings with Spider-man theme.

Funny Spiderman

Photoshop Spiderman movie with a new cast crew, design a sequel, or photoshop Spider Man in real life.

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