Sphinx cat ugly bug
Sphinx cat ugly bug
Sphinx cat ugly bug. Sphinx cat ugly bug
Member reactions:
Cool. Maybe one should have this pet neutered.
Hope this guy doesn't cross my path. Scary.
Congrats Ed, Creepy Cat wins the Bronze. Nicely done.
Thats one ugly creature...works well ..great job

Funny sphinx of war trump

sphinx of war trump
Member reactions:
Congrats on Gold Elegary 👍🏼. Cool Sphinx

Funny The sphinx caught a cold

The sphinx caught a cold

Funny Eagle on Top of Barack Obama Sphinx

Eagle on Top of Barack Obama Sphinx
Member reactions:
Well If They want him,,, They can have him.
Parody, Well dang, I was hoping for some of that change.
Make you a deal, send Obama to Egypt and I will go home to USA cuz they both suck and would go great together .
Clever chop. The eagle is a bit too big for the statue. Also it seems to have two ears. Still a fine work
I had to put a eagle on the nearest plan. I wanted to be visible

Funny Sphinx Cat with Multiple Eyes

Sphinx Cat with Multiple Eyes
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, Lu. Many decent entries from you in this contest
Congrats on the Bronze, LuLu. Huge effort

Funny Barack Obama the Sphinx

Barack Obama the Sphinx
Member reactions:
I think Obama has some predecessors from Egypt good features added to the Spinx
Very impressive work on the stone face - I know it's not easy to give a face stone texture. You managed to make Obama look Egyptian for which I applause you too. Adding Obama himself next to the Sphinx is a nice touch
Thanks,G-Man. Thanks,balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. And,thanks for noticing the effort, Newsy. I appreciate it.
It might have done better if the theme weren't the United Nations. Oh, and your shadow is a bit weird (having his ears cast one in different directions).
So you will know, Bob...the original had shadows from both ears.

Funny Sphinx in an Army Helmet

Sphinx in an Army Helmet
Egypt's coup: a ruinous intervention
Member reactions:
In Egypt it's not his fault, like here in the U.S. Muslims won by 1.2 million votes and now 2/3 of the population is suppose to like living under sharia law. U know why all muslim countries are under Dictators. Get some popcorn things are heating up.
Very well done like the Military takeover of the Pyramids

Funny Obama the Sphinx

Obama the Sphinx
Member reactions:
Obama looks cute by age good texture and perfect matching of the stone lovely garden with flowers

Funny Magical Egyptian Sphinx Caamel

Magical Egyptian Sphinx Caamel
Member reactions:
nice work on making the paraoh face and the camel body.... good job done.

Funny Sphinx Cat in Catwoman

Sphinx Cat in Catwoman
Member reactions:
My son loves this one but those egyptian cats just freak me out - .
Nicely done getting her to fit into the costume.
Wonderfully done Aintme, Gold congrats ...
Congratulations. Looks like it IS TIME and it IS YOU, Aintme.

Funny Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the largest statues on Earth made completely from one stone. It was built over 3 thousand years ago, and historians still can not answer the "Riddle of the Sphinx" - who was the author of this statue, and who was the real-life model for its face. Another question debated among historians is - what exactly happened to the Sphinx nose. One of the popular theories suggests that the nose was broken off with a cannon ball fired by the soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Great Sphinx of Giza is considered a guardian of the Giza pyramids, and represents the might of the pharaohs who ruled the Egyptian land thousands of years ago. Photoshop the Great Sphinx of Giza any way you wish. Examples may include restoring the statue, merging it with other statues, dressing it, giving it a paint job, or nose job. Perhaps you can even solve the Riddle of the Sphinx and show what celebrity or politician it could resemble if they lived over 3 thousand years ago.

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