Kim Jong Un Surrounded by Sperm
Kim Jong Un Surrounded by Sperm
Kim Jong Un Surrounded by Sperm. Dont let the Large packaging fool you...
Member reactions:
Crazy sperms coming out of the colored defective condoms
Hights of craziness, flying articles are so active and dedicate to get paired
Nice work but, we don't want to give the Moron-in-Charge any ideas.
Outstanding caricature Preemie, and great idea

Funny Sperm on Strike

Sperm on Strike
Guess who is the Mystery Chopper
Member reactions:
Suchag and Doxi1. TY
Who cares-he's Nuts...but, funny. High marks.
No comment, wait who's the good looking sperm.
Congratulations. I knew this was your style of humor and I am, still, laughing.
Hehehehe I guess we got a stubborn or shy group this time HH. I was hoping for a better turnout for your tribute Geri Thanks for the comments and votes Nobody guessed that the mystery chopper depicted was HoHouse so the only signed copy of this chop will go to HoHouse.
Hahaha, great sense of humor. Hitspinner who else... Cool chop - congrats on the Woody.
Congrats on the woos Hitspinner, excellant concept..
great work hitman great details in this one , and for sure it's your style , congrats on the woody keep up top works ..
congrats hitspinner... hahahahaha so funny shop. i love this work...excellent idea
A fine wood collector bags another one, . Congrats, Hits. HoHouse it is. He already appeared in some past entries - so I thought the face looks familiar, but still did not guess.

Funny Helicopter Sperm

Helicopter Sperm
in the near future...machines will mate...
Member reactions:
Cool thinking outside of the box with this entry........

Funny Sperm Yolks on Toast

Sperm Yolks on Toast
Member reactions:
...that's funny Cool idea.
Okay. I have to admit John when I see this it always tickles me.

Funny Albert Einstein Sperm

Albert Einstein Sperm
Balls and brains

Funny Puffer Fish Insemination by Sperm

Puffer Fish Insemination by Sperm

Funny Sperm Nano Racer

Sperm Nano Racer
looks fun.
Member reactions:

Funny Sperm on a Mission

Sperm on a Mission
* don't give up never ... an movie true and dramatically...

Funny Charlie Sheen's Sperm Winning

Charlie Sheen's Sperm Winning
Metaphorically ,we are all sperm in the great rat race of life,and charlie sheen is winning.the swimming models and the space background are the stock i used. I vectored all by myself the grid, as for everything else was brushed.
Member reactions:
well i guess thats the last time i make a picture of ratings are in the toilet......c'est la vie.

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