Magic Spell
Magic Spell
Magic Spell. Member reactions:
Very nice. But I expected that the snow on his shoes would be melted by now.
Thanks Craftlord. Something is wrong with the spell...
, he's trippin' for sure. Gotta go big for an incredible view. Congrats on the Gold, Manosart.
Congrats on the Gold. Well deserved, again.
Funny one, hate it when Spells go bad, Congrats on the win.

Funny Obama Puts Full Moon Divination Spell on Hillary Clinton

Obama Puts Full Moon Divination Spell on Hillary Clinton
Full Moon Divination Spell Purpose: To find an answer to a question. To divine the future. Materials: A full moon. Casting: During a full moon, make a circle using the thumb and index finger of the hand you use for casting a circle. Center the full moon within the circle.
Member reactions:
This chop would work nicely for Halloween too. Nice political angle. I like how the thunderbolt goes into one Obama's ear and out of another
--Lotsa details in this one. Nice work Wanderer.

Funny Barack Obama with Aretha Franklin Can't Spell

Barack Obama with Aretha Franklin Can't Spell
Obama goofed when he tried to spell "respect" while honoring Aretha Franklin Pictured with him is Aretha Franklin.

Funny Serpent Spell by Klimt

Serpent Spell by Klimt
Taking liberties with Klimt.
Member reactions:
very creative and nice artwork with humor

Funny M & M's Spell Checkers

M & M's Spell Checkers
Member reactions:
Like your App Design and the Eligibility criteria really freaky Ad
Thanks for the comments everyone. This one is an old joke but was fun to illustrate.

Funny Obama and Joe Biden Putting a Spell on Mitt Romney

Obama and Joe Biden Putting a Spell on Mitt Romney
Member reactions:
Great turn of Obama as a witch and the witch is playing with Romney in her arms ha ha ha very funny
nice work with competent images, scary show

Funny Witch Casting Spells on the Obama's

Witch Casting Spells on the Obama's
Member reactions:
Great witchcraft at work. Had to laugh at the warning too.
This is really good. Make it even better by fixing the angle of the base of the crystal ball. It's way off in relation to the table.
Excellent Magic... the spell castes on the world lovely chop with the fire ball and Obama lying and creating all these magic very funny....
Thx everyone who has commented & voted so far .....
Cleaver mold of the source into a Voodoo toy and cursed with the thunder shock of death. its wonderful chop.. crisp and fantastic with freaky concept
Bronze congrats, Chili. Poor Barack and Michelle
Nice work Chili, I like the story it tells. Congrats on the bronze.
Congrats on the win and darn good job on your pic.

Funny Dan Quayle Spelling Book

Dan Quayle Spelling Book
Member reactions:
VERY funny. Since I don't spel any better than Dan...I need this book. Excellent chop.
Thanks. I wonder if people can remember back this far anymore. You've momentarily restored my faith in humanity. I appreciate it...until it's lost again, at which time I will curse you for restoring it.
Whatever happened to Dane Quaile anyway..

Funny Harry Potter Puts a Spell on Sirius Black

Harry Potter Puts a Spell on Sirius Black
Black from Harry Potter
Member reactions:
Great job, so clean and well done with the hand work both the big and small its perfect to its limitations nice
HEY........Stop messin with Oldman. Nice work.

Funny Modern Witches Performing Spells

Modern Witches Performing Spells
Catholic church issues guide on how to convert witches
Member reactions:
Full view is lovely. Creative choice of the news and creative composition.

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