Speed Biking Cowgirl
Speed Biking Cowgirl
Speed Biking Cowgirl. Drying her nails.
Member reactions:
Totally awesome, Splat. I see you also took the time to remove the speeder bike with precision. Very Nice, cup material.
Thanks, Champ. You have great taste and an eye for Art.

Funny Speeding ticket in the forest

Speeding ticket in the forest
Accident in the forest
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Silver, Wanderer. Very creative, nicely done.

Funny the need for speed

the need for speed
Member reactions:
Good blending but give light to her face.

Funny NY Speed Skate Olympics

NY Speed Skate Olympics
Speed Skate Olympics NY style
Member reactions:
Make logos more transparent and you'll gain positions.
Congrats on your first trophy with us, malimaz. Woo Hoo. Here's to many more.
licianomorelli I did them as overlays next time will check the opacity

Funny Speed Painting at the Race Track

Speed Painting at the Race Track
Member reactions:
Although it looks pretty horrific, Formula One cars are designed to disintegrate to dispense energy.
Kewl Chop..be kinda difficult to watch $9+ million disintegrate right before your eyes...but we should be used to it by now. The Obama economy is based on the same theory.
This can be done only if you have got a Deja woooo

Funny Sandra Bullock Still Speeding

Sandra Bullock Still Speeding
Top Ten Here: (from left) Crash, Practical Magic, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, Miss Congeniality, Blind Slide, The Proposal, Gravity, Premonition, Speed, 28 Days
Member reactions:
Awesome gathering of Bullock's roles from her 10 movies...
Beautiful different expression of Bullock's....

Funny Mr Peabody in Need for Speed

Mr Peabody in Need for Speed
Mr Peabody upsets Need for Speed
Member reactions:
Quality work here. I like how you blended the 3-D cartoon and photo sources in perfect harmony

Funny Need For Speed Geriatric Version

Need For Speed Geriatric Version
Full View plz.
Member reactions:
Hah I am ashamed to admit I have zero experience with Xbox games or Nintendo or games for Windows but I do know chops and this is funny. Great job
FANTASTIC, I would love this game. Good luck.
Amazing Very well exectued Nice expression of grany and grandpaa
This is cool Brilliant idea if you have for my Uncles; now who wanna drive crazy
Congratulations on Silver to Silvercanine

Funny Speeding Koala in a Car Running Down a Kangaroo in a

Speeding Koala in a Car Running Down a Kangaroo in a
"He cant fly but im telling you, he can run the pants off a Kangaroo"

Funny Man Speeding in a Micro Dump Truck

Man Speeding in a Micro Dump Truck
Member reactions:
This is simply fantastic..So ultra smooth. Clean and fantastic attention to small details. I am jealous.
Love his hair blowing in the wind, and truck motion effects. Mega cool
Freaking Chop ... D-man with Transformer Watch your head D-man
Awesome Entry of the Contest.... The truck is turned into a Sophisticated Rocket powered engine and ready to take away all the dirt from the Earth Good use of Aviation fuel to trigger the speed and the Jaguar looks amazing in the front Nice accessories added
haha congrats on the gold deaddog.....awesome pic
Congrats on the gold, DD. One of your best chops yet.

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