Bills Best Man Speech
Bills Best Man Speech
Bills Best Man Speech . So after all this time Monika used Bill to get to Hillary.
Member reactions:
Great picture and place would be higher if Bill has his natural red nose. See first place as reference, just kidding.
Lol thanks Wanderer. I went for more of a shock outcome. The world just isn't ready for this yet.

Funny Trump's Big Radio Speech

Trump's Big Radio Speech

Funny Loretta Lynch the Free Speech Grinch

Loretta Lynch the Free Speech Grinch
Ted Cruz Denounces Loretta Lynch
Member reactions:
Nice one D. PC if continued will be the death of us.

Funny Free Speech vs Duck Dynasty

Free Speech vs Duck Dynasty
Duck Roast
Member reactions:
roasted ducks standing and peeping from far
Roasted ducks are freaking brilliant, and the gesture of all is amazing
A very polarized topic for sure. This has been all over the score board. I guess depending on how the viewer takes it's meaning reflected in the score.
Love the ducks and the balloons at the background.

Funny Big Bird Interrupts Mitt Romney's Speech

Big Bird Interrupts Mitt Romney's Speech
Member reactions:
Marvelous .... great job in showing the facial expression of Romney.. now is he scared of the big bird The Big Bird is really big to scare off Romney and Ryan... Good chop and well use of lighting and caricature done on the Characters
Great light effects pal, I like the way Puppet show off in this entry
Perfect, funny and creative. Congrats Jere
Another beauty from Jereeeee. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Dog Speech During Obama Campaign

Dog Speech During Obama Campaign
Member reactions:
Love it # 2. Looks like a tough competition.
Fabulous job done., like the removal of tie and putting a scarf instead... great job done using the dog face....
Interesting chop with clean hand and good foggy look on the environment
, second place Thank you and appreciate your comments Rajeshstar, Balodiya, Ericnorthend, Pcr.
Congrtaz Sunshine, beautiful like always.
Looks convincing. Congrats on the silver, Sun.
Many thanks JCsuperman, Geriatric, Vicspa, Mark, Rockymate, Newsy

Funny Barack Obama Speech Caricature

Barack Obama Speech Caricature
A Look at Obama’s Speech to the Human Rights Campaign
Member reactions:
I wouldn't call it a critique at all, more like a compliment.

Funny Radical Speeches For Dummies

Radical Speeches For Dummies
Member reactions:
I spotted it and was working on it. cheers dude
There you go. I looked up my "SPELLING FOR IDIOTS" book
. Hahaha Hidden and "Spelling for Idiots"

Funny Obama Speech On Afghanistan

Obama Speech On Afghanistan
STORY Please full view..
Member reactions:
I like the colour and dramatic feel here. There's a tad too much filter on the background for my taste - looks like a cartoon and too much like default Topaz settings - that said nice composition. Couple of tweaks: I'd do something about the Obama General text on the jacket as it doesn't have the pin or decal or badge look like the rest of the stuff on his jacket. Also make his neck darker so the shadows are at least as dark as the chin shadows (or darker on the right side) - otherwise his neck skin is too light compared to the face. Finally the mask lines around his cheeks seem a tad soft compared to the facial detail.
The background direct one like that,not much the topaz only an there are little I repaired the others on him. I say thank you for your remark and I employ it.
Love the edit, and hey, nice effects here.
Wooden medal for Obama and his friend Amadeus. Congrats guys.
Your entry is 100% better than his speech. Congrats.

Funny Angela Merkel Winning Speech

Angela Merkel Winning Speech
Hope you'll like it. View full image.
Member reactions:
I looked at large and the size was small still. Right side of image - the image does not extend to border. I am curious why you included Statue of Liberty.
Ya i know the size is small. I reduced it because of size limitations. And about statue of liberty, i included it just like that. I will soon fix the right border. thanks
Doxieone, now view full image. I added the original high res image and also fixed what u said.
Great edit. Full view is nice. It feels like Merkel is a bit stretched horizontally though. on the other hand, she is horizontally stretched in real life.
that was great but need to full view keep up great works ankanu

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