Special Delivery
Special Delivery
Special Delivery. Member reactions:
Cute bunny Congrats on the cup young lady.
very very cute andwhat,,, Congrats on the Bronze.
Thanks Steve,Spat,Luciano,,Hits,wanderer,Bob and pree

Funny Special Marijuana Forces

Special Marijuana Forces

Funny King Felipe of Spain On His Special Throne

King Felipe of Spain On His Special Throne
Member reactions:
Amazing chop , paper and holder are a great touch.
The shadow of the vase is the opposite of the shadow on the uhm... cleanser. Something wrong with the leg too like the clothing goes through it instead of over it. Love the tp & tp holder though.
Yep. Now it's just right. Congrats on the bronze
Congrats on the Bronze. That toilet paper doesn't look exactly soft (ha).

Funny Adobe Photoshop Special Release

Adobe Photoshop Special Release
Member reactions:
This is really a wonderful creation... A limited Edition Version free to copy, download, and share good job done in releasing the FN photoshop specially for Members only
Different thinking nice job done. All the freaking members likes it.
Thank you balodiya, NewsMaster, ericnorthend .
I really liked this one, great concept and well done. And thanks for including me

Funny Goat Special Military Forces

Goat Special Military Forces
Missed the the Goat Army contest...so here it is now.
Member reactions:
Great to see the Goat Army, looks tougher then Men
Pity you missed the goat contest, but this chop still rocks.

Funny People's Special Election Edition

People's Special Election Edition
Member reactions:
So, Porridge Oats are Obama's secret weapon.
this is really wonderful magazine cover created, Freaking news sytle revealed now

Funny Special Opps Dolphin Forces

Special Opps Dolphin Forces
Member reactions:
Prettier inside the sea view nice sea creatures and very well fitted cameras on it even mines are also there
Congrads, moving on up to the big time, very nicely done.
Congrats on your first advanced gold, nepaguy. And what a great chop this is, woo hoo.
Many Thanks to everyone,I'm so happy to my 1st GOLD.....
Congratulations on your first gold, hope to see a lot more in the future.
Sorry I missed this during my absence. This is terriffic.

Funny 2012 Special Delivery

2012 Special Delivery
This artwork is copyrighted by me and can be used at Freaking News.

Funny Jackass Christmas Special

Jackass Christmas Special

Funny Les Paul Special Edition Toilet Seat Guitars

Les Paul Special Edition Toilet Seat Guitars
Member reactions:
Disasterman...I think you're right about that.
Delivered with songs written on toilet paper, This an awesome idea and very funny
Free sheet music , I am glad you liked my idea Good luck..
Ha. Like the musical toilet paper
Thanks, Sunshin3. Yes, your idea was great.
Thanks, suni. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Kellie.
Free sheet music, hahaha. These inventions gotta be on the Rock' N Roll Hall of Fame Sheet. These guitars start playing naturally - when you are on the go you get some nice improvisations. and finish the melody with wiping your sheet.
Thanks, Newsy. I think you want one. "Wiping your sheet." . Gee, maybe I should've titled this, "Sheet Guitars."
Superbe idée et beau travail . Bravo pcrdds
Creative funny work Mr. Paul...my congrats on the silver cup
darn what's wrong with me, I just noticed my name ( I do need glasses ) thanx for the modeled guitar Paul, and I don't need to know what its sound like, , congrats.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3. And many thanks again for the TP idea.
Thanks, Young Mr. S. I think your model guitar probably sounds, "Sheety." HA.

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