Slash on Spanish Guitar
Slash on Spanish Guitar
Slash on Spanish Guitar. Edouard Manet's "The Spanish Singer" year 1860 Saul Hudson, aka "Slash" of the heavy metal band *Guns N' Roses*.
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Wait just a minuet,, How long has Nike been selling shoes.
Gummy, Blue Ribbon Sports launched the first Nike brand shoe in 1972.
I knew he would win, looks good, Congrats on the win.
Slash has a great look and was fun to work with. So were the other little Easter Eggs. Thanks, Guys.
Congrads on the twofer, both look great, I'm so slow I woke yesterday today.
Thanks, HH. I agree, that's darn slow. But at least your well rested now.(:
Slash works perfectly with painting. Ring n Nike emblem, awesome touch, pro work as always. Gold Congrats, Splat.
Thanks, Champ. Glad you like the Nike Swoosh. In addition he's playing a Fender Guitar. Just a regular acoustical though, I couldn't afford the electric Stratocaster.

Funny The Spanish Guitarist

The Spanish Guitarist

Funny Spanish Speaking Parrot

Spanish Speaking Parrot
Parrot missing for years returns speaking Spanish
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So cute hahahahahaha. Lots of skill here. Gets a very well done and high 5 from me

Funny Amanda Seyfried the Spanish Dancer

Amanda Seyfried the Spanish Dancer

Funny Spanish Woman and Her Dog

Spanish Woman and Her Dog
Portrait of a Spanish Dancer and her dancing dog.

Funny Spanish Slash Manet Painting

Spanish Slash Manet Painting
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So freaking well blended I had to check the sources to see what the originals looked like. This rocks in total harmony.
Thanks Newsy, this is one of my favorites of all time. Its too bad that the photo of Slash had his guitar cropped off at both ends or I wouldn't have had to fool with adding another guitar.
Well you did a wonderful job with the guitar - it looks natural, and one would not even think it was constructed with pieces.

Funny Spanish Singer With Electirc Guitar Manet Painting

Spanish Singer With Electirc Guitar Manet Painting
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Great job, The transmitter on the bench is a nice touch
Thanks, I thought wireless would be more modern

Funny Spanish Cocaine Lab Bust

Spanish Cocaine Lab Bust
Spanish police seize 'largest, most sophisticated' cocaine lab What if Bill Nye "The Science Guy" was running the Lab.
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The message he received on the phone was...from Pablo E. says... "Bill. their onto us get out of there... asap....."
I can't picture Bill Nye running this type of Lab on Earth; maybe Mars.
It's a fabulous, illustration chop but I don't see the connection between the article and Bill Nye. Sorry.
Yeah I know Bill Nye doesn't have anything to do with it, but I just thought since he was a scientist, just to make things more interesting, wouldn't it be funny if he was running the lab, since he is such a clean cut guy, but I guess it didn't translate well enough.
Actually I don't like to read news, but I like the way you worked here. It's Amazing and Colorful Chop.
Lots of work. Amazing satirical composition around the news article. Professional.
beautiful and mass of details work here BENZIBOX , Nothing Better than FN to reinvigorate and sharpen one's skills. Congrats.
Congrats on the silver, Benzi. You are on a roll.

Funny Spanish Long Back Horse

Spanish Long Back Horse
Member reactions:
Clean work. This horse should run in races... with 3 jockeys on it.
Hey... were did my 3 jockeys go... They must have fallen off, hummmm hahahahah Thanks
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Funny Spanish Wonder Woman

Spanish Wonder Woman

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