SPAM Sandwich
SPAM Sandwich
SPAM Sandwich. Member reactions:
Well at least it's not a Possum and a Wombat.
Gross and clever. the seasoning hole.
so apparently this is not disgusting for FN but mine was i presume because it was taken off..or not suitable for viewing by whom younger viewers or who.. i mean lets be realistic 90%of the things in here shouldn't view about by kids .. but what do i know.. i don't run this site torturing ... drugs bullying by making fun of people in certain ways or even disrespecting religion.. lets all be reall alot of thigs images are not fit for a lot of people in so many ways so why am i the only one tha get his work removed and more when its close to the end of contest.. just saying oh and not to mention animal cruelty

Funny Spam Falling From the Sky

Spam Falling From the Sky
Member reactions:
Excellent Very clean chop & well bought together.
Looks like somebody posted popeye's email address on the web. Whadda beauty.
what a Beautiful piece of work, maaaan I love your work and techniques..
Xaosss great work.. i love the crispness and creativity... CONGRATS.
Ha. Must be Norwegian Cruise Lines. Congrats
"A well deserved 1st prize winning chop, excellent work mate."
Thank you very much all.. really enjoyed chopping this..
A truly amazing piece, love the colors, the water splash and the face expression of the sailor maybe is from the taste of the canned meat.. Congrats on the gold..
Gold makes some order in the world of Chaos. Congrats mate.
Thanks, Musicalnote, Sunshin3 and Newsy...

Funny Green Eggs and Spam

Green Eggs and Spam

Funny Spam

By the year 3000 it'll probably still be edible....but taste just the same.

Funny Aol Spam

Aol Spam
Mmmmmm, that lovely meaty product... Spam NOT Aol.
Member reactions:
I had the same idea to do this. Fantastic job, Tabby. Looks tasty.

Funny Voting Spam

Voting Spam
Well, that makes me want to run out and vote for him right now, but the polls aren't open. Please view full size.
Member reactions:
That picture of Mr. W is classic. "Don't be a jackass." Nice.

Funny Andy Warhol's Spam Can

Andy Warhol's Spam Can

Funny Warhol Spam Pop Art

Warhol Spam Pop Art
Member reactions:
Yummm, why when i proclaim my love for spam burgers everyones face screws up in disgust , love the peice, i reckon chengind the colourse of the spam cans too might helped push this one up

Funny Green Eggs and Spam

Green Eggs and Spam
the classic gone wrong

Funny Andy Warhol & SPAM

Andy Warhol & SPAM
PLEASE COMMENT and *view my sources* I'm not sure if the SPAM picture in the source is real, but I "Warhol'ed" it anyway Source 1: Source 2:
Member reactions:
. I love the Pythons. The dead parrot sketch is good too.

Funny Spam Email

Spam Email
Spammers' life has just become more difficult. However what if politicians, and especially presidential candidates decided to spam as part of their election campaigns? Design spam promotion email for one of the presidential candidates which may convince (or not) the voters after unexpectedly popping up in their email.

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