Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle.

Funny A drop in the ocean of space

A drop in the ocean of space

Funny Astronaut Jackie Chan forgotten on Russian Space Station

Astronaut Jackie Chan forgotten on Russian Space Station
NASA will stop certain contact with Russia
Member reactions:
Excellent job on aging Jackie. Just one thing...the booze coming out of the bottle would make a sharp turn and start flowing up.
This is great Good to see the bubbels of the bottle
Woody congrats, Andrew. by the should have been odd-shaped globs of Vodka and not bubbles in space. Still, a great chop, indeed.
Thank you, sulliishere, balodiya, ericnorthend, Evirio, lucianomorelli and Paul. There are water balls with light reflection flying in the space.
Me likes a lot. Small nitpick: his face tone need to be adjusted a tad to match the skin on the neck and chest


Member reactions:
Great job... like the way he is igniting the fire and it will blow up in some countries
Top 5 congrats Wanderer... Very nice work my friend

Funny Space cowboy

Space cowboy
Member reactions:
Yep..another alien cow poacher. Hang'em... Hang'em all.
Who is stealing cows to the alien cowboy . Very nice composition.
It's not stealing, some cows fled away, cowaliens have to take'm back to the fields
Alien cowboy. Works for me. Adding this this to my favs.
Funny Stuff Evirio. One of my favorites in this contest.
Great cartoon... One of my favorite themes. Top 5 congrats
Thanks geriatric, Splat (was kinda wink to your chop) and Hits. that much funnier now... Great Job.

Funny Fun With Shiva Space Opera

Fun With Shiva Space Opera
Shiva Space Opera Shiva Sources
Member reactions:
Its so numb and thrilling peace of hilarious PS, very well done with texture , I would love to know more about the source u have used hidden
Sources posted for you ericnorthend, thank you
Freaktastic work. I would get rid of the symmetric fumes in the nuke mushroom though
Surprised, was sort of an experimental piece. Thanks folks
Really like this one, congrats on 3rd place Hits.

Funny Space messenger

Space messenger
Member reactions:
Nice will sponsor this space flight too

Funny Lost in Space Kate Moss

Lost in Space Kate Moss
Member reactions:
Good, but with Union Jack will be better.
Karen Nyberg Karen Nyberg thinks she's a lady, so does NASA
Nice blending job, but her face is a bit low-res

Funny 2001 A Space Odyssey

2001 A Space Odyssey

Funny steam punk space man

steam punk space man
Member reactions:
With FreakingNews flag you will get +1 in your votes ^^
Love the background and light work,very gently placed him and crisp chop
awesome hov. the jetpack, background and the reflection is awesome
Love the jetpack and the reflection of the flagpole in the water. Congrats on silver.
Hah, great use of the muffler, Excellent chop. Congrats
congratulations . With a Freaking News flag you would have won ^^ hehehe

Funny Women In Space

Women In Space
June 14 marked the 50th anniversary of the first woman in space. It was Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova who was 26 on that historic flight in 1963. Tereshkova, 76 today, is still active and plans to be one of several selected astronauts for the first manned flight to Mars in 2018. Due to several technical challenges, the manned Mars mission will is planned as one way only. The astronauts will spend the rest of their lives on Mars, completing their mission. "Space was my life, and I'll be honored to spend the rest of my life in space too", said Tereshkova on the 50th anniversary of the first woman in space. Show how women could rule the space exploration and space tourism - womanize astronaut clothes & accessories, spaceships, equipment, etc.

Funny Space Tourism

Space Tourism
The world's first space tourist and multimillionaire Dennis Tito is financing a project to get space tourists to Mars by early 2018. Tito, who spent $20 million on his space trip in 2001, is so anxious to get to the red planet, he's pumping hundreds of millions of his own money into the project, because he's doesn't want to wait till NASA or Roskosmos will offer such space trips to just any rich tourists. The return trip to Mars should take about 501 days and is expected to cost over $100 million per space tourist. "Expensive, I know, but we already have a list of customers who are willing to pay this price for this once in a lifetime experience", said Tito. Photoshop anything related to space tourism. Some examples are - what companies might be the pioneers to commercialize space (e.g. Moon or Mars) and and how they might adapt their products for it. These are just some ideas.

Funny Animals in Space

Animals in Space
Iran successfully sent a monkey into space and it returned back alive and safe. This is an important step in the Iranian space exploration program, says Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi. "There's still a long way to go till we send man into space, but today we became one step closer to this", adds Vahidi. Iranian television showed still pictures of the monkey in a capsule after it landed. Previously, Iran successfully sent several small animals into space, but the previous attempt to send a monkey into space failed in 2011. Photoshop anything related to space exploration by animals. E.g. show how space exploration history would be different if animals explored space instead of humans, photoshop animal astronauts, etc. All animals - living, extinct, or even mythical are accepted for this contest (except for humans)!

Funny Women in Space

Women in Space
It's official - British singer Sarah Brightman secured herself a space trip in 2015. Brightman paid over $20 million for this "space ticket" which will allow her to spend three weeks at the International Space Station - which works out to about $1 mil a day. In an interview, Brightman said she always dreamed about space travel, and finally decided to buy herself the most expensive vacation she could think of. The world-famous classical vocalist will spend two years training for this space mission. She also started learning Russian, to communicate with the Russian crew who will take her to the ISS and back. "I wish some alien would kidnap me," Brightman said. Show how women would rule the space exploration and space tourism - womanize astronaut clothes & accessories, spaceships, equipment, etc.

Funny Space Movies

Space Movies
Scientific community around the world celebrates 55 years in space. Fifty years ago - on Oct. 4, 1957 - Russians launched the first satellite into space, starting the space era and the space race against the United States. The first Russian satellite was named Sputnik, which emerged within the Cold War atmosphere and meant as an intermediary step to taking a military missile into space, according to the Sputnik designer Boris Chertok. To celebrate 55 years in space, take any movie (poster) and turn it into a space-themed movie.

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