Steampunk Space Cadet
Steampunk Space Cadet
Steampunk Space Cadet.

Funny Space Round Up

Space Round Up
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Great leaders turn as planets and obeying the orders

Funny Deaf Space

Deaf Space
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Good humor, but the fishing stick shouldn't cast a shadow on he sky, and his jar helmet rim is going through his neck.
Its from using drop shadows. A couple of tweaks and this is great.
MsgtBob is correct but work is anyway impressive.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, you're doing great.

Funny International mission to space. Fat astranout stuck in shuttle

International mission to space. Fat astranout stuck in shuttle
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Very funny to see kim watching from the long area
In the immensity of space...they are all togater on a small rock .

Funny The first space flight with refueling was rejected

The first space flight with refueling was rejected
The first space flight with refueling from Leonardo Da Vinci was rejected by Pope Leo X
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Fuel is not discovered by then .. might be
Da Vinci was amazing coming up with many ideas that just need history to catch up. Congrats Wanderer.
Yup, da Vinci was advanced. Congrats on the wood.

Funny What happened in space ?

What happened in space ?
Samantha Cristoforetti is pregnant, the exclusive "Chi"

Funny Short Space Shuttle in Space

Short Space Shuttle in Space

Funny Short Space Rocket Launch

Short Space Rocket Launch

Funny Battery Powered Space Shuttle

Battery Powered Space Shuttle
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Nice way to see the battery powered sling shot to Universe

Funny Space Woman

Space Woman
Playing around with some soft-color overtone. Couple of Images Used You'll likely like the source images better than my entry manip.
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Thanks. I'm happy it intrigues you. Can you elaborate, Luciano.
Fine work Splat. I would increase the overall contrast so so parts become brighter - it's a bit pale and dark now

Funny Maasai in Space

Maasai in Space
Maasai elders may seem an improbable choice to navigate a spaceship, but for digital artist Jacque Njeri, the semi-nomadic nature of the tribe makes members the perfect candidates for space exploration. In her art project dubbed MaaSci, a play on words, Njeri recreates Tatooine city -- a fictional sparsely inhabited desert planet from the movie series "Star Wars" -- while incorporating elements of Maasai culture. Put anyone or anything that interests you into outer space! PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Animals in Space

Animals in Space
Did you know that this spring NASA's cargo spaceship (SpaceX CRS-6) delivered 20 mice to the International Space Station? These mice are studied for the effects of gravity absence on mammals - such as muscle and bone loss, as well as tendon mass loss. Sure, astronauts experience the same gravity absence and they are studied too, but the lifespan of mice is much shorter thus the long term effects can be seen faster. Yet mice and rats share about 96% of their DNA with humans, so they make perfect lab subjects (thus the expression "lab rat"). Photoshop anything related to space exploration by animals. E.g. show how space exploration history would be different if animals explored space instead of humans, photoshop animal astronauts, etc. All animals - living, extinct, or even mythical are accepted for this contest (except for humans)! Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

Funny Women in Space

Women in Space
This Tuesday would have been the Sally Ride's 64th birthday. Ride became the first American woman to travel into space on June 18th, 1983. Google paid homage to Sally with its doodles today. Show how women would rule the space exploration and tourism. Some examples are - womanize astronaut clothes & accessories, spaceships, equipment, etc. Many thanks to luke314pi for the themepost.

Funny Women in Space

Women in Space
The International Space Station will host its first female cosmonaut by the end of September. The lucky woman is Russian astronaut Elena Serova, who will be the fourth woman to reach space. The flight will happen later this month amid the US-Russian tensions, despite the US plans to end any cooperation with Russia in space exploration. The historic flight that took the first woman to space (Valentiona Tereshkova) happened 51 years ago on June 14, 1963. Tereshkova is 77 today and is in good health. She even asked to be included in a crew on a one way trip to Mars, which may happen within the next 5 years. Show how women could rule space exploration and space tourism - womanize astronaut clothes & accessories, spaceships, equipment, show how women can settle down on the moon and Mars, etc. Many thanks to kibuyu for the themepost.

Funny Space Tourism

Space Tourism
The world's first space tourist and multimillionaire Dennis Tito is financing a project to get space tourists to Mars by early 2018. Tito, who spent $20 million on his space trip in 2001, is so anxious to get to the red planet, he's pumping hundreds of millions of his own money into the project, because he's doesn't want to wait till NASA or Roskosmos will offer such space trips to just any rich tourists. The return trip to Mars should take about 501 days and is expected to cost over $100 million per space tourist. "Expensive, I know, but we already have a list of customers who are willing to pay this price for this once in a lifetime experience", said Tito. Photoshop anything related to space tourism. Some examples are - what companies might be the pioneers to commercialize space (e.g. Moon or Mars) and and how they might adapt their products for it. These are just some ideas.

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