AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal
AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal
AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal. Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, looks great, ya did good.
Congrats on the Gold, Gummy. AOC's (SG) New Deal doesn't sound very appetizing.
Congrats on the Gold Gummy. Like the green treatment n string twister.

Funny Soylent Green Breakfast Cereal

Soylent Green Breakfast Cereal
Gives a new meanig to Going Green doesnt it. SOYLENT GREEN
Member reactions:
I like the design of your packaging. Nicely done, but the top of the Soylent Green package is now a bit shorter (on the right side)than the rest of the box. Could be easily and promptly fixed, methinks, and your chop would be great then.
English is not my native language, so, I am often not clear enough in my explanations. Look at this, then, and I think that you will see what I meant.
Great chop.. got an extra point from me cuz i love that movie ... about the article tho i sure hope people in the States dont really think a UHS system means we eat the dead...
I like this , thanx paulhisson for help us always
Yes, Hidden, it's better now. And thank you, Kratos. Maybe would I have better not said anything as I submitted an entry in this contest... Lol.

Funny Soylent Green

Soylent Green
"Brought to you by Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow, high energy vegetable concentrates, and new, delicious, Soylent Green."
Member reactions:
OMG.How clever you are. When I read the contest rules to my boyfriend, I told him,"They're probably using PEOPLE.".... Most excellent entry.
HOLY MOSES. This has gotta be the foodstuff of the future, if not the Gods. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Funny Soylent Hill

Soylent Hill
You need to know the movie Soylent green starring Charlton Heston to understand what is in this vending machine. I did this crossover with the videogame Silent Hill because Silent Hill is accustomed to give tributes to movies and litterature.
Member reactions:
"Soylent Green is made of Peeeeeeeeoooople...."
Should link this entry to that soundfile ya made Reg
Cool, but it's spelled literature. Unless you consider it litter.......:-S

Funny Soylent Green for Greece

Soylent Green for Greece
Greece: Bail Referendum Sunday

Funny Soylent Pink

Soylent Pink

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