Soviet Militia Dreaming
Soviet Militia Dreaming
Soviet Militia Dreaming. Please full view and comment.

Funny Barack Obama Meets Some Soviet Militia

Barack Obama Meets Some Soviet Militia
Or is he happy to see him.

Funny Soviet Army Tourists in New York

Soviet Army Tourists in New York
I believe we have seen this other guy before I merged them together before putting them into the NYC night life, then turned it into an OOB work, or pop art, set that opacity down, turned the whole thing Black and white, added a layer mask, brought back the colors i wanted, then used high contrast to add a painted effect to the whole picture.
Member reactions:
Excellent use of the second source for this militia man. Now they look like Soviet twin brothers totally confused in NY. Good stuff.

Funny Soviet Avatar

Soviet Avatar
They get WHAT from the Tree.
Member reactions:
Ok this is good, i usually only add comments if i think i can help, I would tone down his uniform, maybe try colors/curves to make it fit into the picture better. everything else is perfect.
Alien police is here. and they are communists. Good job

Funny Angel Soviet Militia

Angel Soviet Militia

Funny Soviet Bugs Bunny

Soviet Bugs Bunny
Member reactions:
Interesting concept. But masking somehow leaves the transparent edges. There are many good tutorials on masking on the web.

Funny Red Day - Soviet Idiot

Red Day - Soviet Idiot
Even in the state controlled United States of Russia there has been a youth uprising.

Funny Soviet Missile

Soviet Missile
And they thought that the Cuban Missile Crisis was over...
Member reactions:
'To Cuba' - are we to think Cubans are using this to flee to America which is the idea. Nice image, but confusing me.
"To Cuba" was meant that it was given to Cuba (originally during the Soviet Missile Crisis...but that's another story). I can see where you find the confusion. Thanks for the feedback (to both of you).

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