Duck Soup
Duck Soup
Duck Soup. What an elephant was doing in my pajamas, I shall never know.
Member reactions:
Never seen "Duck Soup" thanks Paul for the tip. Awesome title depiction.
Marx Brothers should be on Newsy's 'what-to-watch' list. Nice work HIDDEN.
Awesome job... you can also say Duck sailing on the Egg Yellow... Freaky attachment of human nose with mustache and glasses Nice creativity shown here

Funny Alphabet Soup For Dyslexics

Alphabet Soup For Dyslexics
Member reactions:
Funny to see the characters designed on those tans good job done

Funny Preemiememe's Secret Chicken Soup Recipe

Preemiememe's Secret Chicken Soup Recipe
Member reactions:
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,, my main meal in my house..... hahaha,,,..
Killer Cook on the loose and I thought she was a Vegetarian. Clean & tastily-prepared HIDDEN.
Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, dd. Thanks, geriatric.
Ha ha, very funny. Nicely done You might want to rethink the shadow running down the left side of the cook however.
Okay, mac...rethunked the shadow...wanted to give a somewhat dramatic flair but guess it was a tad overdone.
hahaha, good it.. pree cookin up a storm as usual... well done mate...
this is my computers background..
"DING" TOP marks for high chuckle factor.
This can't be Pree's kitchen, I don't see any bacon...
Thanks, Goat...thanks, preemiememe, thanks, RICKY...Thanks, geriatric...thanks, Disasterman.
I love the chicken with the HELP sign. Very funny and well done.
Thanks, rajeshstar...thanks, balodiya...thanks, JoanMcKay.
Thanks, PixJockey. (Old Fox....) Thanks, cns. Thanks, G-Man.
you nut.. congratulations.... * i do use socks and a clean baseball.. but never ever lard.
Thanks, pree. Could've sworn you used lard. Thanks, robinbobin. Thanks, JoaoN.
Congrats on the wood Paul . . . Nice work.

Funny Modern Warhol Soup

Modern Warhol Soup
Member reactions:
theres something about spilled gloppy paint that i just love.. wonderful work...
grats. Masterfully done. The paint is a brushstroke of genius
Congratulations HIDDEN...not too difficult to recognize your work. If you marketed these products to Women-you'd be a wealthy man.
Thanks all, I was pleased with the way this one turned out, but must admit the paint was the most difficult part and was still not totally satisfied with it.
That was very very clever. Well done mate.
Love it and great to start seeing your stuff again.
Great work, well deserved trophy. Congratulations funkwood.
Excellent work, especially getting the label positions right on.

Funny Campbell's Turtle Soup

Campbell's Turtle Soup
Member reactions:
Make that 2 giggles and a chuckle-good luck.
made me laugh. Poor turtle. Hope the soup is tasty

Funny Salvador Dali's Modern Chicken Soup

Salvador Dali's Modern Chicken Soup
Member reactions:
Thanks for puttin in all the work. Excellent choppage.
Fantastic work guy... I see a few recurring images here from your previous chops, which is good... I do that a lot too... Great creativity, and I can see lots of effort and time here. wish I had voted in this contest, you might have done better.
My favorite part is the tap attached to the Dali's belly. Good one

Funny Peking Duck Soup

Peking Duck Soup
Member reactions:
Great work here Carl excellent composition.
One of my favorites in the contest. Great technique and great concept
amazing work carl you just keep surprise us with your great talent keep up great works

Funny Andy Warhol Coming out of Soup Can

Andy Warhol Coming out of Soup Can
All Sources
Member reactions:
Excellent. What an awesome chop. Great work here. Bravo.
Where can I buy one with Naomi Campbell instead. Again, that's a really awesome chop (and my favorite in this contest).
I am just voting and have to say (again) this is wonderful.
Congratulations on the magnificent win, Sid. You are on a roll.
ty guys, this image kinda grew on its own and i enjoyed making it alot
Congratulations, SidKain. Well-deserved. I must say that I did not guess that you were also the author of 'Kindergarten', the funniest (in my humble opinion) chop of this contest. Great humor and talent you have, Sir.
Stellar use of only a few sources to create such an interesting composition. Kudos. Kind of modern abstractish pop artish is very Warhol. Thinking outside the plain Jane box as well. Worthy of the win.

Funny Chickens in Soup Cans

Chickens in Soup Cans
Member reactions:
Spoonapults...... Hahahaahahaha great touch.

Funny Kellogs Tomato Soup Can

Kellogs Tomato Soup Can

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