Sounds Familiar !!!!
Sounds Familiar !!!!
Sounds Familiar !!!!.

Funny Sea sound

Sea sound

Funny Paula Abdul and the American Idol Birthday Sound Track

Paula Abdul and the American Idol Birthday Sound Track
Happy Birthday Paula.

Funny The Sound of Music at Night

The Sound of Music at Night
Member reactions:
Funny. Nice lighting. The titles are very well done. Good luck.
Great one , Classic
Great title used, I really like the sounds of crickets and this chop is wonderful full of moonlight and the cricket sounds with little yellow flowers gives an amazing feel to dance and enjoy like it

Funny Persistance of sound

Persistance of sound
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love how you liquefied the speakers
Sweet... great idea, too... congrats again..

Funny Barack Obama Sound System

Barack Obama Sound System
Member reactions:
ty, sure it works, but it's a prototype. There's a few bugs to work out, so far it only sings "The cow jumped over the moon" and "God save the queen".
You're such a positive influence here, Hidden. We all learn from you.
Rocks for me RM
Congrats Funk. I lied. I didn't give it an 11 but a 9. Love the headset. Is that a pic you found or did you put it together from parts . Wish you would post your sources more often. I always wonder how you put your work together.
Expect no less than perfection; Congrats.
Thanks guys, and yes jeremix, that's a found headset. That was the first source pic I found and built the rest of the image around it.
congrats funk very good idea, very good work
Great work teacher , love all your robot stuff great details .. congrats on the silver
Good steampunking there Mr. F. This is an old aquaintance of mine named Paul Wegner. You might enjoy his approach to freeform connectivity

Funny Nuclear Sound of Music Movie

Nuclear Sound of Music Movie
Member reactions:
the swat jacket.

Funny The Sound Of Mick Jagger

The Sound Of Mick Jagger
The hills are a rockin'... sources
Member reactions:
Excellent Job, this is even better than your Lost one Congrats in advance..
The Hills are alive with the sound of Mick
Julie Andrews, eat your heart out. Mick will play Maria in the remake.
Quality caricature work. One of the best I've seen at FN.
This stopped me in my tracks. Such an excellent caricature of Mick. WTG Rain. A very much deserved gold here.
)) congrats,i didnt know this was yours,,, nice range of styles,, you know i think your amazing...
I'm speechless for once... What can I say. holy doodie what a slurping amazing bar steward of a chop.
Congratulations Rain. This one truly ROCKS.
Fantastic work rain. Truly a stunning chop. you can always amaze us with your wonderfull pictures: thank you for that
It's always amazing me how you do the lighting at your entries. Congrats.
Thanks again folks for the additional comments

Funny Invisible Man with a Music Sound Head

Invisible Man with a Music Sound Head
Well, this is the way that some people fell sometimes...
Member reactions:
Making a convincing image is hard to do sometimes. You used good sources. What I mean is the sources match in quality. Good eye on that aspect. The masking around the 'hoodie' is a little rough. I might try running the blur tool around the edges of it to soften it up some. The shadow of the violin needs to be a tad darker to match the shadows on the shoulders, too. The notes aren't working where they are placed. Maybe have them floating up more and spaced farther apart would make them look like they are resonating from the violin more. They are a little dark too. I think they should match the rest of the shading (like on the shoulders).
I agree Keb , otherwise it's a good image and shows orginality.
I like that you made the volin realistic - it looks like a real photo with the good use of the shadow. However masking of the suit and top part of the violin is a little rough.
I believe that in the future mine technique improves. I'll work for that. I really agree to the commentaries.
Nice idea...but needs more thought...kind of like a 'half-baked' idea.

Funny Sound Asleep

Sound Asleep
It made me laugh.
Member reactions:
... But I think the beach chair person is too low in the pic, making the baby look very big.

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