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Funny Soul Pictures

Music's SoulFunny Music's Soul
Member reactions:
Music's Soul

Visitation of the Soul Collectors Digital ArtFunny Visitation of the Soul Collectors Digital Art
Member reactions:

Hand it over.
woooooooooow is a wonderful work... sublime ambientation... i love the hand out... great
yes, me too. Very nice job breaking the frame with the hand. Nice surprise. Good muted cool color palate.
this is awesome work I relly like the feel of this
Soul collectors, its really a good idea to include this in chop I love the parrot sitting well done
Very nice work, nice merge and good colors applied
Thanks guys.... enjoyed your comments... Mmmmwahhh.

Soul Of The Machinery Digital ArtFunny Soul Of The Machinery Digital Art
Member reactions:

its Marvelous like a empty pot pieces containing some last drops of water in it, Good Expression
Nice and grungy, I like it. Shows a lot of emotion.

Barack Obama the Soul ManFunny Barack Obama the Soul Man
Member reactions:

Obama Sings Al Green & Brings Sexy Back to the Election view in Hi-Res
Nicely done and timely. I'd make up some song titles more fitting to Obama,, "Just Give Me Four More Years," etc.
I could have bet good money that this comment was from you, and that you'd say exactly that I did make titles that are related to Obama, but he's supposed to be singing Al Green songs, so I used actual Al Green songs that somewhat fit Obama campaigning though I could change my mind
"nothing newt under the sun"....ool Nice job
Great, great new song titles, hidden....
TY pcrdds, mac, and Chili I'm happy you likey.
YUK. Sounded like a serial killer singing to his dead Mother. Funnyn song titles & chop.
TY pree-e and TY geriatric , sounded to me like the man can croon ...
Nice expression and good work with shadows, Obama Recons
This was great, but can't stand the voice, B.O's that is. Only in America.
Thanks everyone, much appreciated This really should have nothing to do with how you feel about him as our president I just thought it was pretty cool to get a glimpse of the man's musical soul, and for those of you who claim he can't sing, methinks thou dost protest too much
, you should make the CD covers. I think this would sell.

Woman`s Soul LeavingFunny Woman`s Soul Leaving
Member reactions:

Looks like a cover to a fantasy novel. Nice.

Cardinal Barack Obama`s Soul Food SauceFunny Cardinal Barack Obama`s Soul Food Sauce
Member reactions:

"Well if Paul Newman can do it... why not old Barack." .
His sauce will no douth give me heart burn, like he has. Maybe he can sell enought to pay off the big dept, he has put our country in.

Broken Soul Amy WinehouseFunny Broken Soul Amy Winehouse
Member reactions:

Amy Winehouse
thanks,, krrish ,,helios ,, rajesh ,,, balodiva
Beautiful work . . . I was wondering about the eyes . . . they're a little askew, almost Picassoesque . . . was that intentional . . .
I was looking for see that job between the top 5. Very good job, congrats.
was intentional,, i widened her face for an off centered look. qt

The Soul ThievesFunny The Soul Thieves
Member reactions:

Dang Hitspinner, you chopped yourself. I was wondering who did that chop. Nice work..
Thanks guys, I know you're being kind. I'm sitting here trying to figure out if I should be embarassed for submitting this one.
Hahaha, I know these people. The man in the chair - not so wise now, are ya.

Barack Obama with the Mirror of SoulsFunny Barack Obama with the Mirror of Souls
Member reactions:

They came from the Anti-Matter Universe through the Norway Spiral, aquired the mirror of souls from the ruins of Babylon, and as they execute the final phase of their Master plan, we must wonder, how much time do we have left.
But he has no soul. Deamons dont you know.

Vampire SoulFunny Vampire Soul
Member reactions:

All credits are on
Nice. Looks good, but i would give the yellow light a little brighter highlight.
Well done on your first cup, ZiiZii. Great entry.
thank you all for best rewards.. yay I'm so happy.. my first trophy...
HA. Only one trophy now but, stay tuned for a lot more, I surmise.

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