Soros Supporter Of Evil!
Soros Supporter Of Evil!
Soros Supporter Of Evil!. Member reactions:
Soros very scary and disturbing. Great Job Hobbit.

Funny Rodney Dangerfield George Soros

Rodney Dangerfield  George Soros

Funny Santa Soros

Santa Soros
Member reactions:
He makes one "CREEPY" Santa, Good one , Congrats on your win.
George Soros is the Financial Times’ “Person of the Year. You too boss. Congrads on the Gold.
, indeed. Funny card............ Congrats, Reg
Thanks Bob and thanks Hobbit, I agree he's major creepy and the Dems personal Santa as their major donnor. Thanks, appreciated Hits and thanks for that HH, I didn't know he was FTs person too. He was my 3rd choice after giving up on my attempts at doing Paul Ryan and then Pelosi
The Dem's sure do love their Santa and he's their Easter bunny too. ReggieRey, you have a Wonderful Christmas.
Congrats on the Win Reggie. A much improved look for Soros. Quality treatment on the face. And just look at the way those bags pop now...
Thanks a bunch Ms. Hobbit. Hmm... the Easter Bunny and Soros, great idea. A Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Years. Thanks for the congrats Splats and quality treatment facial n big bags. The Santa suit does make him look a lilttle more human... Thanks PS, appreciate the grats. I Look forward to seeing more of your fantastic always entertaining chops.

Funny Soros's Leftist Vision of Social Justice

Soros's Leftist Vision of Social Justice
 Soros Story 
Member reactions:
Love what you did with his hair. Lol Fixed the Link for you Hidden
The mix of real and cartoon styles work well here. Got a fantasy feel to it, but Soreos is so hard to look at. Woody Congrats Hobbit.

Funny Santa George Soros is dead

Santa George Soros is dead
Member reactions:
LoL that's a nasty knife wound but that's a nasty Santa as well Hilarious.

Funny George Soros, ugly Hulk

George Soros, ugly Hulk

Funny Santa George Soros

Santa George Soros

Funny Bald Soros and Buddies

 Bald Soros and Buddies
Soros never ends, now he is fighting to get Doug Jones a win. His Bald Evil Head lives on.

Funny Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.

Soros, Gates and Bloomberg Bums.
Member reactions:
Looks like Ol' Bill is still pickin' up the tab. Excellent Chop.
Has a Norman Rockwell feel congrats 😎

Funny Miss Soros's World

Miss Soros's World

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